2021-11-29. AM 02:15
[HOF] December 2021 @yVo

Fauvism is an art movement that
creates unique colors
through intense colors.

It is said that when describing
an object and coloring it,
its color expresses the feeling of
seeing and feeling,not the color
of the visible object.

The period of succession was short
it became the signal for
the beginning of the modern arts
with the personal emotions
expressed by colors.

Artist @yVo is selected for
the Hall of Fame in December 2021
who is showing
various emotions of colors through
strong colors and expressions.

The artist's work is
full of color changes.

Various colors have their
own emotions and mood that
is conflicting and complementing
to create an artwork.

Through expressions,
the feeling of artwork
changes time to time and
makes us think the change
of time or stories from topics
to look at the artwork
in different angles every time.

Also, from the beauty of nature,
a side of objects or
people is expressed through
various expressions in drawing.

From rough to soft feelings
to dull and vivid expressions,
all feelings in contrast
are included in one work while
she is showing her various angles
to draw paintings and look at nature

Please drop by the artist’s feed
and see the works of
beautiful colors and expressions.

Don't’ forget to
‘like’ your favorite work
with a comment.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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