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[Challenge] 2021. December : Let's draw Aurora

The aurora bore
its name because of
its color resembling dawn light
and flowing like the wind, it is
a beautiful landscape
that illuminates the dark night sky.

Due to its mysterious appearance,
it was thought to be
the soul of a god,
and the light curves and
falls like a curtain in the sky,
so it is also called
the heavenly curtain.

It is frequently captured
during winter when the night
is long and it occurs
in areas where
there is a lot of snow,
it makes a fantastic scene of
winter with the harmony
of the place.

In december,
the first topic of the challenge
is 'Aurora' that shows the feast of
light in the sky.

If there is Aurora over a desert
/ @ssadai
Let's Play! / @aristina.z

Auroras are a phenomenon
that occurs when some of
the harmful particles from
the sun collide with
the atmosphere while gathering
at the north and south poles,
the centers of magnetic fields.

Therefore, the closer you are
to the poles, the more often
you can observe the aurora,
and planets with atmospheres
and magnetic fields such
as Jupiter and Saturn
can also observe the aurora.

It makes us want to see
what the aurora looks like
from space.

Camping under Aurora / @CAREUS
aurora in watercolour / @Hanne

The aurora is said to be
rarely observed around the world
because the solar wind repeatedly
strengthens and weakens every
11 years.

Therefore, there are various
legends in each country,
from saying that
a large whale spouted water,
to a festival or
a gift from the gods,
or to an imaginary animal.

It would be fun to draw pictures
of the stories you know about
the aurora.

Aurora / @MonSouhait
aurora / @FatemaMusharrof

Auroras have different colors.

Color is formed when nitrogen
and oxygen in the atmosphere meet
and the green aurora appears mainly.

But when the aurora is strong,
you can see red, orange
or pink and blue
colors rarely.

What aurora do you want to see?

Join the challenge with the aurora
that beautifully colors the sky
in various landscapes.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Dec. 1(Wed) to Dec. 15(Wed).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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