2015-06-18. AM 10:00
  • Hello. PEN.ples^^

    For the drawing comment event held for 12 days from May 25 to June 6, we promised to select three people that presented awesome drawing for comments and give Artflow coupon as a prize.
    The standards for winner selection were as follows.

    - Text and drawing comment together 1
    - Best colorful comment 1
    - Best lovely comment 1

    Since there are somewhat limitations to fully convey the personal feelings through dialogue or writings, we hoped that the drawing comment would take the role of enhancing the relationship among PEN.PLEs.

    Now let us reveal the three winners who will be prized with Artflow coupons.
  • 1) Text and drawing comment together 1
  • There were many comments that expressed their admiration towards the drawings, praises and words of encouragement through drawings.

    The first winner among them all is Chizuru 28.
    Shall we check to whom Chizuru28 has given a pretty comment?
  • It was Jin0HGN’s drawing entitled ”My Drawing on App Sketchbook Pro with My Best”.
    For the friend’s best Sketchbook Pro drawing, she made a drawing comment that says “So Cute, I love it!”, giving full of happiness.
  • 2) Best colorful drawing comment 1
  • The next winner is bahar__graphic who has given vivid comment.

    Bahar__graphic has used almost all the colors to make it look vivid and stand out.
    Then let’s see to whose drawing she has left a comment.
  • The colorful drawing comment was left for AL1lSBETTE’s vivid drawing.
    The comment is full of hearts, and even the eyes are filled with hearts.
    Doesn’t it more stand out when compared to a simple writing comment?
    Her whole-hearted comment may have impressed her friend even more.
  • 3) Best lovely drawing comment 1
  • The last winner, and definitely not the least, is “eunkyung” who has made a very cute and lovely drawing comment.
    For whom has she drawn a cute, chubby bird?
  • Eunkyung has made another drawing of a bird to ellie’s "green parrot" drawing.
    I believe that ellie should have been very thankful for eunkyung’s comment who whispered “so lovely” through her comment.
    Eunkyung seems to be sensible enough to be engaged in the original drawing and come up with a similar drawing in her style.
  • The drawing comment event’s winners are as follows: Chizuru28 / bahar__graphic / eunkyung.
    Congratulations again!

    Please send us an e-mail to the following address. We will send you ArtFlow coupon in reply.

    We will look forward to more fantastic drawings with ArtFlow.

    Although such a short time, this drawing comment has gathered so many drawing comments that are cut, lovely and sensible.
    Perhaps, you may have seen a lot of friends’ drawing comments.
  • If you have not yet tried to do a drawing comment, try it now on your friend’s reply.
    Even though the feature itself is quite simple, I believe that the truth within the drawing comment will make your friend happier and more encouraged.

    I will be keeping eyes on your lovely drawing comments. >_<