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[Review] Challenge of November (1)

‘Animal’ was the first topic
of the challenge in November
that will beautifully decorate
the calendar of 2022.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 1nd challenge of November

Through this challenge,
we were able to see the animals
of the earth.

It was a time to go on a trip
and meet various animals
as we could see animals
that were close to us
and animals that have adapted
to the surrounding environment.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Winter / @Barbra

Snow piled up in the forest,
and the surroundings
were dyed pure white.
A deer with long white antlers
is standing on one side of the lake
and has a somewhat grumpy face.
Maybe it's because the pond
was frozen in the cold
after coming to drink water.
The selected work
for January is from @Barbra.

Charlie / @gelina

The brown-haired puppy is looking
somewhere with twinkling eyes.
The bright expression on
the face seems to be happy or
the excitement for snack by looking
at the tongue slightly
sticking out of her mouth.
The artist @gelina's
friend ‘Charlie’
was selected for February.

I'm Cute ;)) / @Dr.Gazi

The yellow rabbit with
its long fluff sticking out
and reminds us the flowers bloom
in spring.
The colorful and green backgrounds
in the work remind us of
the sprouts and growing fields
of spring.
We wonder what the scenery
will make the cute rabbit
tilt its head.
The work of @Dr.Gazi
was selected for March.

A night cat (waiting for
a bright sky) / @Iness_j.y_park

On a moonlit night,
a cat is sticking its head close.
Perhaps among the unique heart
shapes made by trees,
it is disturbing someone’s rest
who is looking at the beautifully
shining moon.
The work of @Iness_j.y_park
was selected for April.

The Lion and the Lamb / @TonyFarvio

In a warm meadow where
dandelion spores scatter,
a male lion holds a lamb
in his arms,
Its blue eyes twinkle
and look around.
Lions are sometimes said to protect
stray young animals from danger.
The work of @TonyFarvio was selected
for a warm May we spend our time
with our family.

Rainy cat / @azu

Under the big leaves of grass
where raindrops fall,
a black and white cat is sitting
and avoiding the falling rain.
Water drops gather on the grass
and fall, and the cat looks at
it blankly and seems to be waiting
for the rain to stop.
The work of @azu to fill
the calendar of June.

Dolphins' joy / @AntoineKhanji

White foam, great waves crashing,
two gray dolphins are swimming
over them as they are surfing.
The greenery that cools
the hot summer
and the dolphins enjoying
the waves seem to call us to the sea
The work of @AntoineKhanji
was selected for July.

August bears / @hanacco

Bears are enjoying their vacation
on the beach where the cumulus
clouds bloom.
They build castles by stacking sand,
and sometimes head out to sea
with wide-brimmed hats and tubes.
The eyes of the bears are
now directed towards
an invisible place.
We wonder what other wonderful
things are going on there.
The work of @hanacco
was selected for August.

Fox in the Forest / @HTH

Bright sunlight shines through
the trees lined by the side
of the road,
A brown fox sits on the hill
and seems to be watching people
passing by on the road.
September is also the time
when summer and autumn intersect.
It makes us want to sit on
the road like a fox and watch
the changing scenery.
The work of @HTH was selected
for September.

Finding Time To Relax
/ @ArtisticJ0nes

Various animals in the forest
spend their time
looking at something.
The gorilla is holding a pen
in one hand and seems to
be drawing something
on the smartphone.
We think that there might be
the works of animals in the drawing
even at this moment among
the works being uploaded on PENUP,
The work of @ArtisticJ0nes
was selected for October.

A wolf reading a book (rev.)
/ @Pato.Cha

A wolf with black and
white fur is sitting at the desk
and reading a book.
The gentle smile on his lips
seems full of satisfaction
with the book he is reading.
The twinkling eyes that
put both feet on top of the book
and look somewhere seem to tell us
to read the book together.
The work of @Pato.Cha
was selected for November.

Friendship / @CAREUS

The two penguins seem to
be surviving the cold snowy weather
with an orange blanket that
is close together and covered.
The words you and me seem to say
that if we are together,
we can easily overcome
difficult things,as if
we were leaning on each other
to share warmth.
The work of @CAREUS
was selected for December,
the closing of the year.

These are the 12 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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