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[Interview] HOF Novemver 2021 @kwonjossi

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A french painter
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin
is famous for his works
with common objects.

At that time,
food and other materials appearing
in still life paintings
were intended to give
negative meanings,
so they said that
they mainly painted
expensive and rare things.

However, he is now called
‘the founder of still life painting’
by presenting a new direction
for still life painting
by incorporating foods or materials
commonly found in everyday life
into his works.

Artist @kwonjossi,
who was selected
for the Hall of Fame of November,
is also showing a new perspective
through the food we enjoy.

The artist's work is
full of delicious food.

By expressing the texture of
various foods,
It makes us feel
as if we are looking at food right
in front of our eyes.
Through color,
it reminds us of the scent of food.

In addition, through works that
contain abstract feelings,
It also gives us
a lot of imagination
from the original taste
to the emotions felt by the artist.

We’re curious
as to how the artist drew

So, shall we start
the interview with the artist?

Hello, artist.
This is the operation of PENUP.

First of all,
congratulations on being selected
for the Hall of Fame of November.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and share your impressions
of the selection

A1. @kwonjossi

I am Kwon Jo SSi
(real name: Kwon Ui-jung),
born in 1969 and living in Paju.

This is the nickname my son gave me
these days because he calls me
Mr. Kwon Jo SSi (Mr. Kwon).

I'm a typical man
who runs a small shop and
lives like a wife and son
from Korea.

Selection was like...

The word straight out of my mouth
was “huh”.

Am I inducted into
the November Hall of Fame?
why me? ...lol

I thought you posted it wrong.
I was just shocked,
surprised and embarrassed.

I just enjoyed drawing and food
but it felt like you recognized me
this way so I am very happy
and proud of it with more confident
in drawing.

Thank you so much!

The first work was uploaded
in July 2020.Since then,
you have been continuously
uploading works.
How did you come to know PENUP and
how did you come to upload your work?

A2. @kwonjossi
The reason I started using the PENUP
was after receiving a Note 10
from my wife as a gift
on my birthday then using it.
After that,
I accidentally found an app
that allows me to draw,
and that's PENUP.

I love painting,
I drew urban sketch
at times before.
But I was too busy with my store,
my wife sent me picture of food
she liked which was the reason
that I started drawing
and uploading my work in PENUP.
So now, I draw and post my works
if i'm free

It is a simple work
but many of you loved it.
I want to say thank you
and I appreiciate that.

The expression of colors
and textures made it feel as
if there was food in front
of our eyes.

We wonder what devices and apps
these works are
being created through.

A3. @kwonjossi
I use PENUP to draw
with a Galaxy Note 10 as my device.

The drawing screen is small,
but I think the concentration
is better.
Although my wife nags me
that I'll get a turtle neck.

It is so easy and good
that you can carry it with you
wherever you go and
draw whenever you have time.

All the uploaded works were
about food.

We wonder
if there is any reason why
you put food in pictures.
We’re also curious about
what the appeal of food is
as a material for the picture.

A4. @kwonjossi
We eat not only with our mouths,
but also with our eyes.

Food has no solid color.

It is colorful and beautiful
and the colors of the food
are endless.

I want to draw food
so that it can be eaten
with the eyes
There are many materials
that I can draw on,
but for me,
the colors of my favorite food are
the motivation for me
to keep drawing
Let's find various and colorful food
and draw them deliciously.

We also felt an appetite for works
that gave me a vivid feeling.

We want to know
if there is an expression
that you emphasize or
pay attention to in transferring food
to a picture.

A5. @kwonjossi
It's the color. It's color.
Delicious color of food.

I draw it
and I want to make it delicious
to see and eat.

So that the whole world can feel and
enjoy the appetite with my paintings,
I will find delicious colors
and work hard for my drawing.

We got the feeling that
you drew some food after you tried.

We wonder what kind of food
is the subject of the work
and when you draw your work.

A6. @kwonjossi
I'm trying to draw foods
that are recognizable by everyone
can go like ah..this food!

Excluding foods
that are too complicated
or difficult
I try to draw foods that
anyone can relate to or
those with pretty colors.

I don't travel often
because I run a small shop,
but whenever I get a picture
of a pretty food by visiting
a local restaurant or cafe
or bakery, I try to draw it.

Although the expression of
realistic food was good,
but the works expressed
in an abstract feel were
also impressive.

We could see two works
that were compared to each other,
such as realistic
and abstract works.
we wonder why you made
this expression

A7. @kwonjossi
To be honest,
I drew this when
there were no pictures
of food I could draw.

My favorite paintings are
fine art food paintings
and watercolor-like paintings.

I like abstract watercolor
like drawings drawn with a brush
so I drew them
with brush tools in PENUP.
I tried to draw it
in a watercolor style,
but it seems that
I have to practice a lot more.

I will try harder to draw.

There are lots of foods and we think
You love traveling to
different places.

Have you enjoyed traveling?
and what is the most impressive one
from your works?

A8. @kwonjossi
As I answered the question above,
I was tied to the store
and couldn't travel much.
When I go out and find the food,
such as in a famous restaurant
or cafe or bakery in the area,
I leave a picture and draw
it as time passes.

The memorable picture is,
of course, the first post.

It's awkward and cheesy,
but it's a picture I drew
when I first encountered PENUP,
and it's been a year
since I drew it.

Looking at the picture,
I think that my technique
has improved a bit haha

Food is your main subject,
so we thought we'd like to see works
on other subjects as well.

We wonder
if there are any other subjects
other that you would like to
draw in the future.

A9. @kwonjossi
I was a beginner for a while
before coming across the PENUP app,
but I used to enjoy drawing
urban sketches
from time to time.

I used to sketch
in a neighborhood alley,
a rural village,
a 5-day market,etc.
with a pen,
then come home and color
and draw like that.

But because
I was tied to the store,
I couldn't draw anymore.

If I am not tied to the store
and have time to spare,
I will re-create urban sketches
along with food drawings and also
I have a desire to study it.

This is the last question.

Please tell us any improvements
or messages you want to share
while using PENUP.

A10. @kwonjossi
It's very practical and comfortable,
and the touch of pen is good too.

I had a wish to have a layer,
but it has been created and
I am very comfortable using it.
if you look at the reviews on PENUP,
there are a lot of reviews
due to the restart issue.
I believe that
you should improve this.

It's nice to have a layer,
but you can remove the background
by creating a background
layer underneath
which I would like to suggest.

I request you
if you can allow PNG format
saving without background.

I've heard a lot
that I am not a good talker.
Please bear with my review
if it is too messy.
Take care of yourselves from covid
and have a nice day.
Thank you.

How was the interview with

Henri Matisse called Chardin
is an artist
who can draw the emotions of things.

His actual works
have common subjects around us
but we can feel something special
from them.

The artist has works
that contain food t
hat we are familiar with
and was making us think of
a variety of emotions.

Why don’t you try drawing some food
with this chance?

It would be great to draw
your favorite food or
The ones you want to try to
introduce to everyone.

We hope PENUP will be filled with
delicious drawings from everyone.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team