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[Challenge] 2021. November : Let's draw Winter Clothes

When winter comes, our clothes
change too.

Sometimes we wear jumpers with
duck’s feather or cotton, or thick
tops or pants.

We wear shoes with fur or cotton in
them, or wear clothes that don't get
wet for winter sports.

To keep ourselves warmer, we also
wear various cold protection clothes
and accessories such as gloves, hats
and scarves.

The topic of the second challenge of
November is 'Winter Clothes' that
protects our body during the cold

Cold❄ / @Cold.Midnight
winter sea / @Hanna-aris

Cotton wools for winter clothes have
changed people's lives significantly
and importantly.

In the past, human activity decre-
ased significantly in winter and
many people lost their lives as it
is called the season of death. But
cotton is made from itself light-
weight and cheap winter clothes
allowed us to overcome the cold.
As a result, the population incre-
ased and the pace of development
accelerated. So, cotton is referred
as the ‘seed that changed the his-
tory of mankind’.

winter / @hosio
Winter sky / @Gavriel

Clothes for winter are made from so
many and various materials nowadays.

Polar fleece made of polyester or
Neoprene made of rubber can make
lighter and warmer clothes than

Also, from clothes that generate
heat using batteries to the fabrics
that generate heat to cutting-edge
materials used in space suits,
various technologies are in use.

It would be great to draw winter
clothes from your imaginations.

winter / @dongdongkim
fusion traditional clothes / @curibi

It is said that little loose winter
clothes are recommended so they can
have an adequate layer of air.

They say you can keep yourself warm
by using cats, scarves and various
cold weather accessories.

Tighten sleeves or ankles to block
out cold air, is needed to keep you
warm for a long time by ventilating
the sweat inside when you sweat.

When your body warms up, you will be
physically and mentally stable and
that will help with interpersonal
relationships and efficient work

What winter clothes do you think of?

From the clothes you love to the
ones you want to try on or imagine,
have them in your painting and join
the challenge!

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Nov. 16(Tue) to Nov. 30(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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