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[Review] Challenge of October (2)

A ‘Pumpkin’, the plant with greatest
fruits was the topic of the second
challenge in Octomber.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of October

Through this challenge, We were able
to see various aspects of pumpkins.

It was a happy time to see various
landscapes where they grow and we
learned more about them as plants
through various forms and creative

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Halloween Night in
a Peranakan Party / @One2three
Pumpkin House / @Iness_j.y_park

The table is decorated with flow-
erpots with red flowers and old
pumpkins, and some cookies, cake,
and juice are placed in front of it.
Next to it, a jack-o-lantern-shaped
pumpkin contains various shapes of
candies. Orange-filled food seem to
be pumpkin-based dishes on Hallo-
ween. It's presented by @One2three.

Inside the pumpkin in the forest,
from the kitchen to the study, bed-
room and bathroom, various spaces
are built. Outside, a ladder leads
to another pumpkin space and it is
beautifully decorated with small
light bulbs. We wonder who will live
in this pumpkin-made house. It's
presented by @Iness_j.y_park.

Autumn / @Maria
A pumpkin hamlet / @tsandissan

A woman in boots is reading with a
book on her lap. Pumpkins and leaves
in the baskets around her show the
season of autumn is their colors.
Just like her enjoying autumn with
a book, we want to go out and enjoy
reading in a beautiful place. It's
presented by @Maria.

In front of the mouse that passed
through the forest, wecan see a
house made of a large pumpkin. The
owner of the house who opened the
blue door, only sees a black silhou-
ette, and it is impossible to deter-
mine the identity of the owner. We
wonder the reason why the mouse
came to this place. and the person
lives in this unique Halloween
pumpkin-shaped house. It's presented
by @tsandissan.

‘ / @Yanka_tt
(Untitled) / @Barbra

There is a castle with a pointed
roof on the big pumpkin in the
forest, where only the branches
remain. The castle is crooked here
and there like a withered tree, and
the red light is shining through
every window. The gloomy yet myste-
rious feeling is reminiscent of a
witch's castle, it's presented by

Even in the grass full of weeds, the
pumpkin vines seem to have produced
large fruits without regard to them.
The vine bore buds again, and the
flowers bloomed in full bloom. We
can feel the strong beauty of pump-
kins that grow regardless of harsh
environments. It's presented by

care taker of the pumpkin patch
/ @MelissaStratman
tchy Pumpkin / @EarlyDawn

There is a wide field where pumpkins
grow in front of the house and it
seems that someone is standing and
watching the field in the middle.
The dreary house full of gray and
the unique outfits remind me of a
witch. We think of it as a scarecrow
protecting the pumpkins from birds
flying over the fields. What do you
think? It's presented by @Melissa-

On a moonlit night, under a tree
with only branches, a pumpkin with
a smiling face is stretching out a
vine. The mushrooms around it are
swaying as if dancing. The word
Halloween and the happy atmosphere
in the work remind us of a poster
inviting someone to a party. It's
presented by @EarlyDawn.

"...and it just kept growing."
/ @gelina

Orange pumpkins are growing where
the birds on the trees look out.
They have been grown so big that
the birds flying high in the sky
feel like dots and buildings and
trees in front of them feel small.
Judging from the title, it seems
that this pumpkin is still growing.
We can only imagine how big it will
grow and what it will look like when
the pumpkin is fully grown. It's
presented by @gelina.

(Untitled) / @Hunter

We saw a field that was not popular
except for pumpkins that were not
being carried. from the cart that
could not bear the weight of the
pumpkin and fell down. We believe
that people can take a short break.
Pumpkins and vines have been removed
for harvest, and the fields are
becoming increasingly desolate.
However, the hearts of farmers seem
to be filled with happiness like
countless pumpkins. It's presented
by @Hunter.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of November,
‘Let’s draw Animal’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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