2021-10-28. AM 02:14
[HOF] November 2021 @kwonjossi

Food is an essential element of
human life and one of the most
common topics painted by painters.

There were various foods were
painted on the canvass over many
years such as expensive and mean-
ingful food to one’s favorite food
or the food they tried for the first

Through this work it also helps
to infer life at that time and can
find the changes of perspectives
and customs among people which are
considered and used as important

@kwonjossi was selected for the Hall
of Fame of November, an artist who
records his everyday life by drawing
delicious food.

A lot of food is contained in the
artist's work.

From main dishes to sweet desserts,
It makes us feel that there are
various colors in the food that
stimulates our appetites just by
looking at them.

In addition, the texture felt
through the detailed expression is
reminds us of the scent of familiar
food, and makes us recall our curio-
sity and imagination on the taste
and secnet of the food we see for
the first time.

In addition, through abstraction,
he also demonstrates food that is
expressed in different colors.

Various colors and lines create
a unique taste and aroma. so we
compared and contrasted them and
felt the joy and share for the
emotions the artist felt from the

Please visit the artist’s feed and
meet delicious food that stimulates
your appetite.

Don’t forget to congratulate him and
'Like' the food you want to try.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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