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[Review] Challenge of October (1)

‘Brown’, a color that recalls nature,
fall and food, was the topic for the
first challenge of October.

Firstly, we’re introducing the
winners of this challenge.

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the 1st challenge of October

We could see brown works through
this challenge.

It was a happy time to feel that
one color can make various expres-
sions from brown landscapes to the
memories and creative imaginations
of everyone.

Thanks to all participants with
great works in this challenge.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Move on ♡ / @Goldie
Alone too long / @Aneta

When it is time for the sun to shine
brightly, the hills are filled with
a beautiful brown color. The trees
and grass on the ground, dyed with
that light, exude an autumn atmos-
phere. The deer, with its antlers
grown as long as the value of a
tree, seem to pause for a moment
and admire the changing landscape.
It’s presented by @Goldie.

A car is parked in a dark forest
surrounded by trees. The moss and
grass that covered it seem to tell
us it has been in this place for a
long time. Sitting on one side and
seeing a brown fox looking some-
where, the car now feels like a
playground for animals instead of
people. Dark, old-fashioned brown,
it’s presented by @Aneta.

Warm Halloween Night / @Diana
Last Memory Together / @Dr.Gazi

The brown trees created a beautiful
atmosphere. Seeing the Jack-O-
-Lantern next to the bench and the
man in the brown bear costume, the
seems to have prepared a Halloween
event for his loved one. The warm
atmosphere of two people holding
hands is telling of the result.
It’s presented by @Diana.

The girl in blue is in the arms of
her grandfather in a brown coat.
Both the girl and the grandfather
have sad expressions on their faces.
It is said that brown is used when
recalling memories. It seems like
the girl’s memory of a person she
cannot see anymore is included in
the hazy brown color and many
scattered feathers, It’s presented
by @Dr.Gazi.

Father and Son / @shoz
"think I'll save this one" / @les

In the wide lake below the snow-
-capped mountains, you can see two
people fishing on a boat. The young
son casts a fishing rod, and his
father next to him seems to be wat-
ching. It makes us feel cozy and
nostalgic from the brown color that
fills the landscape with memories of
childhood and with one’s father.
It’s presented by @shoz.

In a forest where the grass and
trees are dyed brown, you can see
a squirrel looking around. As if
winter is approaching here, there
is no blue color, only dry brown
color. We guess the acorns in the
squirrel's hands are precious food
for the winter. It’s presented by

Life in a Cup / @kat
Shades of Brown / @HTH

A woman with a cup is carefully
sipping a hot steaming drink. The
brown background makes us think
she's drinking the drink in the
same color. From coffee to tea or
cocoa, there are many beverages that
are brown. We wonder about the taste
of a beverage you drink by blowing
it with your breath. It’s presented
by @kat.

A silhouette of a mountain full of
high peaks is reflected among the
trees surrounding it. The sky is
full of dark clouds, and the moun-
tain is full of shades of brown.
It creates a kind of gloomy feeling
with something that is hidden.
Shades of brown create a unique
atmosphere. It’s presented by @HTH.

Old brown tree / @AntoineKhanji
The Tomb / @Redwitch

The tree right at the front seems
to have many years of history. The
rough brown, rough bark grows tell
of the difficult times of the tree
when it was growing in harsh winds,
rains and the hot sun. The appear-
ance of trees that seem to contain
the history of the fog-filled forest
in the distance, it’s presented by

We can see the stairs leading to the
basement on the brown earth between
the broken stone buildings under the
blue sky. Perhaps, it's a passageway
discovered by scholars who were
searching for old ruins. We wonder
what kind of past awaits in the
place covered by the brown sand.
It’s presented by @Redwitch.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of October,
‘Let’s draw Pumpkin’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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