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[Challenge] 2021. October: Let's draw Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a versatile plant that
bears orange fruits.

Digging out ferocious eyes and sharp
mouths and putting a candle in it,
then it can be a Jack-o-lantern to
light up Halloween night.

There are long, wide, and round
pumpkins, but also unique shapes of
them as crowns of thorns, hats,
orchids, etc.

They make our tongues happy because
they are being used as an ingredient
with unique taste for various foods
such as pies, soups, porridges and

The topic for the second challenge
of October is a 'Pumpkin' that bears
the largest fruit.

ready for the pumpkin season?
/ @pako
Inspired by True Events / @Meraevor

Pumpkins have been cultivated in the
Americas for 9,000 years.

It quickly spread all over the world
because it is a fast-spreading vine
that does not require special envir-
onment or management and has the
characteristics of bearing large

Now, people grow refined pumpkins
that match the climate and diet in
different regions.

It would be great to draw pumpkins
that are growing in your place.

Pumpkin King / @shadowmare72
Happy Halloween / @Kevin

Jack-o-lantern is a lamp made of pu-
mpkin used as a symbol of halloween.

It is a symbol of spirits or super-
natural beings to expel harmful

It is derived from Jack's story that
he got to wander in the dark after
mistreating the devil.

The lamp from the story was made of
turnip but it was spread to the
United States with pumpkins we know
nowadays that are commonly growing
in the place.

Peekaboo / @Sam.
Do you believe in magic? / @SPR

Pumpkin is a healthy food.

The longer the ripening period, the
more nutrients. It's said to be best
harvested in the fall and eaten in
the winter.

It prevents cell damage and helps
relieve fatigue and immunity. It is
also said to detoxify the liver.

It helps relieve swelling and is
good for skin care and digestion
that is why it is known to be good
for pregnant women and dieters.

What kind of pumpkin do you think

From Halloween pumpkins to delicious
food and imagination, join the chal-
lenge by drawing various pumpkins.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from Oct. 16(Sat) to Oct. 31(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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