2015-06-18. AM 02:53
  • PEN.UP sponsors the “The 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore”
  • Urban Sketchers Symposium is an event where people can keep the landscapes of the cities of different countries in their drawing books and interact with the drawing-loving people from different countries.
  • The 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore:

    PEN.UP has become the sponsored for the 6th Urban Sketchers Symposium.
    This year, the event will be held in Singapore, which is definitely amazingly beautiful city.
    We believe that there are many common things between Singapore and PEN.UP where analogue and digital coexist in both.
  • (Last year's Urban Sketchers In Paraty Brazil_Pen.Up)

    You shall check out the video of PEN.UP attending the last year's event in Paraty, Brazil.
  • The PEN.UP team, which partook at the Urban Sketchers Symposium held in Paraty, Brazil last year, has been putting great efforts into preparing this year's event.
    We have considered how we could meet more people to share passion towards drawings, cheer their efforts and spend valuable time.
    We will show PEN.Ples' digital drawings to the people at the event, who usually enjoy analogue type hand drawings, and hold a mini event where they can get a chance to draw with S-PEN, which enables people to draw at anytime, anywhere.

    Your interest and affection towards for the success of this event will highly be appreciated.
    PEN.UP loves every single sketcher in the world.