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[Review] Challenge of September (2)

The topic of the 2nd challenge of
September was a ‘Dragonfly’ that
freely flies with two pairs of

First, we’re introducing the winners
of this challenge.

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the Second challenge of September

We could see various appearances of
dragonfly through this challenge.

We saw dragonflies with rare and
amazing colors and wings and could
also see beautiful landscapes and
imaginations where dragonflies fly
around with this happy chance.

We appreciate all who participated
in the challenge with amazing works.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

* Fantasy world * / @Sina
❤️非你莫屬❤️/ @Chen.xingru

In the wasteland from the forest,
you can see a stone mountain that
looks like weaved stones with a
string, and a huge dragonfly sits
in the middle. The two moons in the
sky and the plasma rising everywhere
seem to tell us this is the world
outside of the Earth. What is the
traveler walking on the field think-
ing when he sees the big dragonfly?
It’s presented by @Sina.

Purple flowers bloom and grow along
the pond filled with the surrounding
scenery, and two dragonflies are
flying over the flowers as if fol-
lowing the scent. When we think of
a blue dragonfly flying over a pond,
flying mysteriously like a fairy,
the title ‘Fairy on Water’ makes
perfect sense. A picture of a dra-
gonfly in a quiet landscape, it’s
presented by @Chen.xingru.

DRAGONFLY 청명한 가을하늘의
고추잠자리들 / @jinhee
do you see the light, dragonfly?
/ @lima

A dragonfly has come to the swamp
cattails. Sometimes the sun flies
in the sparkling sky, and the tired
dragonfly sits on the ear of flo-
wers and rests for a while. When
autumn comes, cattails, dragonflies
and the scenery in the artwork with
the beautiful blue sky seems to come
to mind. It’s presented by @jinhee.

The moon rises high through the
clouds and dragonflies are flying
among the tall vines with woven
branches. Dragonflies with wings
that glisten with a mysterious
light in the moonlight are looking
at each other with trees in between.
They seem to become friends by com-
ing to see the beautiful moonlight.
It’s presented by @lima.

dragonfly / @Purplemom
One Fine Day / @CAREUS

A blue dragonfly is flying through
the valley above the mountain. A
cool stream of water flows over the
stones piled up like stairs, and the
grass that blooms between the cracks
seems to be in full bloom. Perhaps
the dragonfly flew to a high place
to see this scenery. It’s presented
by @Purplemom.

The blue sky is clear and high with
no clouds, and the yellow leaves are
flying here. There like fireworks
exploding and coloring the surround-
ings. Red dragonflies are flying
over them, seemingly announcing the
arrival of autumn. A clear and beau-
tiful autumn day, its presented by

Oneness / @Sugan
Abstraction with dragonfly
/ @molakinowa

A dragonfly with a green pattern si-
milar to its surroundings is sitting
on a flower with white petals and
green stamens. It is said that dra-
gonflies often settle in places that
have a color similar to their own.
This dragonfly may also have come to
this garden to protect itself. It’s
presented by @Sugan.

The shape made with figures and the
dots and lines filled in between
them abstractly express the shape
of a dragonfly. A variety of land-
scapes and situations come to mind,
from flower fields in which numerous
flowers bloom, trees with dizzying
branches, to being chased by dragon-
flies and birds. We're curious about
your interpretations. It’s presented
by @molakinowa.

Dragonfly in green / @ThiMatos

A dragonfly sits among the many lea-
fy grass. The mysterious blue wings,
the yellow lines that seem to glow
from the edges, and the unique body
of fluorescence seem to give off a
splendid glow like a neon sign in
the city. If you look around, you
probably won't be able to take your
eyes off the dragonfly until it
flies away. It’s presented by

Futuristic Ride / @One2three

The pilot in the sky is flying in
an airplane that looks like a dra-
gonfly, with round eyes, two pairs
of transparent wings and a long
tail. It seems to be a very high
place because the clouds are under
her feet and we can see the long
bridge where the river and the sea
meet, and the large building in
the shape of a seashell looks like
a toy. We want to ride on a plane
that resembles a dragonfly to see
what it feels like to see the town.
It’s presented by @One2three.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of October,
‘Let’s draw Brown’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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