2021-09-29. AM 02:34
[HOF] October 2021 @liya

Arts nowadays are advancing to vari-
ous areas out of the canvass.
Over landscapes or portraits, arts
became the lifestyle of people it-
self and are used in the parts where
we don’t think of in the name of

Also, not just a simple use, but the
analysis and research on people to
actively assist in our lives. They
have been continuously developed as
an important key to make our lives

@liya, an artist who shows new areas
of arts with arts living together
with our lives, was selected for the
Hall of Fame of October.

There are full of beautiful spaces
in her works.

The spatial design where someone
lives or will live arises our desire
to live in a great place with the
imagination on the life there.

Also, she is expressing various
moods she wants to deliver such as
warm, soft and cozy feeling with
the sunlight from the window and
interior lighting to present the
beauty of different spaces.

Aside from that, she presents vari-
ous designs such as clothes, hair-
styles and accessories in her works
to show us various fields where arts
can be applied.

Through this, we can feel how arts
are closely related to our lives
and see her various interests for
us to be more interested in design.

Now drop by her feed and meet her
works with beautiful designs.

Don’t forget to congratulate her and
like the artwork you love with your
comment for it.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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