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[Challenge] 2021. October: Let's draw Brown

Brown recalls various shapes.

From trees to grounds where grass
and flowers are growing, we can
think of animals living in them.

Also, brown exists in deserts or
wastelands where leaves fall in
fall or winter.

Other than that, it is the color of
various food including bread and we
can easily find this color from wood
house, walls, floors or furniture.

The topic for first challenge in
October is 'Brown' that gives us
comfortable and stable feeling.

end of the summer / @ucru
Waryong Mountain / 와룡산
/ @cavaca

Brown has been used from the ancient

The dye that people easily get
was brown that was made by soil
or earned from walnuts or acorns
that could be earned and easily

Particularly, ‘Sepia’ brown, the
color extracted from the ink of
squids in ancient Greece and Rome,
is still commonly used.

They say, the faded brown feeling is
commonly used in pictures or video
recall scene.

Face&color practice / @Yesong
portrait / @EvgeniaARTS

Wassily Kandinsky, the pioneer of
modern abstract art, once said that
appropriate use of brown paint makes
inner beauty and control that can
not be expressed in words.

It is used as a stable color for bu-
siness or also for comfortable and
luxury feeling from the color itself
with interiors or products in gener-

It would be great to draw various
emotions you had when you looked at
brown color.

Chocolate Skin 100% cocoa
/ @Elmoghira
Together Forever / @cloniamilla

Brown is not preferred by public.
It is a common and simple color that
recalls dry grounds and poverty as a
negative image.

However, bread, chocolate and vari-
ous food are in brown that will sti-
mulate appetite or give comfortable
and cozy feeling since we see them
frequently from nature.

What do you recall when you see

From natural environment, food,
interior, etc.

Draw anything brown from your imagi-
nation and join the challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from October. 1(Fri) to
October. 15(Fri).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team