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[Review] Challenge of September (1)

‘Train’, a transportation runs on
railroad was the topic for the first
challenge in September.

we'll like to introduce the winners
of this challenge.

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the First challenge of September

We could see various actual and ima-
ginary trains through the challenge.

We could see unique trains over the
world and have an imaginary trip
with the appearance of the train
running in beautiful landscapes at
this happy moment.

Thank you to all who participated in
this challenge with great works.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

The Arctic Train Station
of Arcadia. / @ArtisticJ0nes
The Twilight of The Cliff Way Train
/ @hanacco

The place where the sharp red train
stops is a train station with a view
of the snowy mountains and valleys
covered with white snow. From the
rooftop to the fence at the edge of
the cliff over the railroad tracks,
countless people are enjoying the
scenery behind the train. We'll be
busy looking around, so even waiting
for the train will be fun.
It’s presented by @ArtisticJ0nes.

The train is running over the cliff.
The sky with the moon seems to be at
sunset, both the clouds and the ste-
am from the train are dyed pink. The
calm river water reflects this image
like a mirror. We wonder what it'll
be like to see the scenery from the
train. It's presented by @hanacco.

follow your dream / @Maria
Chasing the sun light -
finding peace within / @Anhhoang

A train with red roof that runs on
the railroad between cliffs seems
to be built to see beautiful lands-
capes. A woman leaning by the window
is smiling because of the happiness
that she is having by the view. The
beauty of a train trip, it’s presen-
ted by @Maria.

A blue train is running on the bri-
dge between the river and the sea.
The sun rose between two rock is-
lands above the sea shines bright
light on the cloudy sky. It will
make everyone’s life happy with the
beauty of morning on the train.
It's presented by @Anhhoang.

night lovell / @KrimS
Haworth Train Station.
/ @kirstyandCo

The buildings and street lamps are
lighting and a train is heading to
its destination while lighting its
path. A train on the other side is
passing by and another underpass
is passing by too. A landscape of
a busy city at dark night, it’s
presented by @KrimS.

As if the train has arrived at
the station, the surrounding area
is spewing thick steam. People in
front of the station are packing
their bags and getting ready to
board the train. A steam locomotive
is still operating in Haworth, Eng-
land. It is said that many people
seek the feeling of going back in
time in a time machine. The appear-
ance of Haworth Station where the
past and the present intersect, it’s
presented by@kirstyandCo.

Get off the tracks before it is
too late. / @AntoineKhanji
(Untitled) / @vlad

The red train has left the forest
and is running along the railroad
tracks. Yellow flowers blooming
through the gravel and rusted rails
seem to tell the ages of the rail-
road tracks. The old railroad tracks
we can see around make us imagine
the last station. It makes us want
to go see what the end of the rail-
road track in front of us is like.
It’s presented by @AntoineKhanji.

A train is passing through the rail-
road tracks between the buildings.
A person passing by or an electric
wire cluttered across the sky remi-
nds us of a train passing through
a unique place like a house or a
market. However, from the high roof
and the figure of a person standing
in front of the train, It reminds us
of a train station. We wonder what
kind of place you came up with. It’s
presented by @vlad.

Journey / @sarpal

The train is running fast, spewing
steam on the railroad tracks under
the sunset sky. On the other hand,
a boat floating on a river where
purple flowers bloomed seems to move
slowly. From the changing color of
the sky and river, trains and ships
are moving at different speeds and
telling us we can see different
apperances of nature in the same
place. It's presented by @sarpal.

Braving the Viaduct / @Hypnorino

A waterfall flows down the cliff
with a beautiful pink sky and flower
trees. The train has exited the tun-
nel below and is running along the
high bridge. The man leaned out of
the window of the train and felt the
wind and the scenery with his whole
body with his arms wide open. By lo-
oking at his face full of happiness,
we want to run to the station where
we can catch this train. It’s pre-
sented by @Hypnorino.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The Second challenge of September,
‘Let’s draw Dragonfly’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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