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[Challenge] 2021. September: Let's draw Dragonfly

Big eyes and two pairs of wings,
dragonflies with slender and long
tails. There are over 5,000 species
in the world.

From the red dragonfly which is
called the messenger of autumn in
Korea. There are dragonflies that
have several colors together with
uncommon colors such as pink or

The wings also have different
appearances from shape to pattern,
and they have different wings but
the same species.

They have various sizes as well from
1cm to 20cm, and many dragonflies in
different appearances fly in the sky.

The topic of the second challenge in
September is the first insect with
wings, it's 'Dragonfly'.

Dragonflies in love / @BacGyver
Dragonfly / @Algyz

Dragonflies were born 350 million
years ago, they first appeared in
the Carboniferous Period that
insects developed their wings.

At that time, plants grew tall with
abundant oxygen. and the ancestors
of dragonflies were also as big as

Dragonflies have lived for a long
time and they still have the charac-
teristics of the time when they
first appeared.

Colorful patterns or non-folding
wings are the traces of a primitive

Dragonfly / @Branka
Dragonfly / @Sam.

Dragonflies and hummingbirds have
the flying ability that none of the
flying vehicles of humans has.

From flying a long stance of 7,000km
to flying-still and sharp turns and
drive, also they can fly backwards as

The ideas of flying drones or heli-
copters are also designed made by
imitating the flying dragonflies.

It would be great to draw flying
dragonflies in the sky that you
found interesting.

A Small Adventure / @MuffinGirl
Have A Happy Day, Everyone;)Smile;)
/ @SusieBrooklyn

Dragonflies are said to be insects
with multiple images.

Like 'Dragonfly', a compound word of
dragon and fly, in the West, it is
said that it was a symbol of the
devil or an object of fear.

On the contrary, in the East, it is
a symbol of victory and change. It
is said to be an insect that signals
the time of harvest.

Now, since the larvae, as a mosquito
hunter, it is considered to be a
beneficial insect that is protected
and reared at the city or national

What kind of dragonfly comes to your

From the appearance of dragonflies
that can be easily seen around, to
the scenery imagined through them,
Join the challenge with a variety
of looks.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Sep. 16(Thu) to Sep. 30(Thu).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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