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[Review] Challenge of August (2)

‘UFO & Alien’, the mysterious exist-
ence humanity wants to see, that was
the topic of the second challenge of

We would like to introduce to you
the winners of this challenge via
a video.

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the Second challenge of August

Through the challenge feed, we were
able to appreciate various thoughts
and several stories about aliens
and UFOs.

It was a fun time to think about
aliens and UFOs and any changes in
the future through observations on
the Earth and imaginations.

Thank you to all who participated in
this challenge with great works.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

My Alien Friend / @feltboy
Crash Landing / @Vina_Graphy

Aliens and astronauts are shoulder-
-to-shoulder, taking pictures with
excited faces. Where spaceships
and UFOs are floating is a place
that looks like the moon, not each
other's planets. We wonder how they
got to meet and close in this place.
It’s presented by @feltboy.

White snow is falling in a place
full of high mountains. The blue-
-light UFO that crash-landed here
seems severely damaged by red fire.
Through the harsh blizzard, we can
see people gathered together. I
think they may have been aliens who
have quickly escaped from a burning
UFO. It’s presented by @Vina_Graphy.

The gift / @Louis
☆ FRIENDSHIP ☆ / @z3dmax

The man standing on the cliff is an
alien with purple skin and a unique
appearance. Behind him, we can see
the city with aurora, which seems to
be where he lives and a mysterious
flying vehicle with shiny borders
flies in the sky. We are curious
about the twinkling gem on his hand.
It’s presented by @Louis.

A brightly lit UFO flies in the
night sky above the city full of
buildings, and a small child and
giant alien are holding hands and
looking at each other at the river-
side of the city. The alien strokes
her hair and she smiles softly, that
appearance speaks of their friend-
ship. It’s presented by @z3dmax.

Learning how to drive / @Manakin
CUTE UFO & ALIEN / @Iness_j.y_park

A cow is sitting in the UFO’s cock-
pit and driving it. The alien's face
looks serious while instructing the
cow to drive. By seeing the danger
signs erected on the meteorite and
the squid bridge that stretched out,
it's probably because the UFO is
flying where it shouldn't go. It’s
presented by @Manakin.

It must be somewhere inside the UFO
where you can see various planets
and appearances outside the window.
It looks like a store with various
decorations but also a cockpit of
the UFO because of the aliens of
different looking and machines with
unknown purposes. Full of cuteness
is in this work. it’s presented by

Bizzare Alien Toe-dancing Hypnosis
/ @JXB
Smile! You are on planet Earth!
/ @Tranquil_H

Thousands of people are gathered
under the feet floating in the air.
From a fallen paper bag to an over-
turned bicycle and people, we think
there was a lot of confusion a while
ago. But they are blankly staring at
someone in the air. It explains the
reason why we cannot see aliens.
It’s presented by @JXB.

On a dark moonlit night, several
UFOs emitting blue light appeared
in a meadow. Through the smoke
created by the spaceship, it is
like being sucked into the space-
ship with the silhouettes of various
people. Why do they take people?
Dark and gloomy blue light makes
this mysterious feeling. It’s
presented by @sTranquil_H.

Guest / @OliBME

Many spaceships are flying in the
distant sky, a man in a spacesuit
seems to be running in front of a
uniquely shaped mechanism. Aliens
appearing in many media are both
friends and enemies. Now, this
situation reminds us of various
stories. It’s presented by @OliBME.

travel / @Anastelfy

Many planets float like the moon
at a dry place somewhere in the
universe and so many stars make
the Galaxy in the sky. The mysteri-
ous disk-shaped flying vehicle that
reminds us of plates and shells and
seems to have come here in search of
something. This UFO is probably tra-
veling around to find creatures in
space. It’s presented by @Anastelfy.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The First challenge of September,
‘Let’s draw Train’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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