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[HOF] September 2021 @2catsnow

Before the invention of tube paint,
people made their own paint to use.

Painters extracted colors in powder
form through jewels, metals and
seeds, and they had to mix the yolk
of egg or the oil of seed.

The technique that was born in this
process is called oil painting that
has unique texture and contrast.
It is one of the most commonly used
techniques today because you can
freely use from color tone to gloss
and transparency.

@2catsnow was selected for the hall
of fame in september who is giving
us the beauty in the feeling of
oil painting.

The artist has emotions that can be
felt in oil painting through digital

Starting with daily life, the artist
is beautifully expressing the works
by mixing and adding up colors on
the surrounding objects and natural
landscapes as an oil painting.

The unique feeling of oil painting
felt in the work makes it more
accessible to the expression of
emotion or emphasis felt in the
landscape through elements such as
contrast, texture and color.

In addition, the artist has the pro-
cess of drawing the works with full

Various images are merged to new
ideas and the process for completion
in the feed allow us to vividly see
the creation of work which we can
enjoy the joy of the drawing

Please drop by the artist’s feed and
meet beautiful oil paintings made by
digital drawing.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the works you
like with congratulations.

Please look forward as well to the
upcoming interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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