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[Challenge] 2021. September: Let's draw Train

A train running on a fixed railroad
is an important means of transport
that started the industrial

Starting with the first train using
a steam engine, a diesel locomotive
powered by petroleum was used and
now electric locomotives are common-
ly used with electric power.

From the plains heading to the top
of the mountains, it carries passen-
gers at a bridge on the sea or
undergrounds or passes in between
the building forest in the city.

There are various trains running on
the rails such as a streetcar tra-
veling on the road with cars or a
high-speed train at an average speed
over 300 km/h.

The first topic of the challenge in
September is a 'Train' that changed
the lifestyle of humanity.

train / @gustaf
the train / @nuni

Trains originated from mining wagons
from the 16th century. A wooden
railroad track and several wagons
connected to a horse were the
beginning of them.

The first train, the steam loco-
motive, was born in the 19th century
and a train with passengers was
built after 30 years.

Since its birth, trains have
developed rapidly.

It was possible to quickly transport
huge amounts of goods and people
with rails, so many countries have
actively built them up.

I Hear The Train Coming / @larman58
"Green train"(the remind of summer)
/ @Olga

The train is a tool whose main
purpose is to transport people and
goods, but it is also used as a
means of travel as it passes
through beautiful scenery.

The Trans-Siberian Railway, the
longest railway, crosses the
continent at a distance of about
10,000km. There are other means of
transportation but many people ride
it for travel.

Many countries in the world have
been operating trains that we can
see beautiful scenes.

It would be great to introduce the
trains that you can ride from where
you live and the beautiful scenes

tour to the core / @Sir_Ebryl
train trip / @ssadai

Trains are still developing rapidly.

The trains are increasing that can
run fast and safe with numerous
technologies by protecting the
environment while reducing the use
of fossil fuels.

In the future, trains equipped with
luxury hotel facilities, which focus
on travel rather than speed, or the
ones traveling at 1200 km/h using
special tunnels, various trains are
being prepared to run on the rail-
road tracks.

What kind of train do you think of?

Join the challenge with various
trains from real life to the future.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from September. 1(Wed) to
September. 15(Wed).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

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