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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

‘Desert’, a desolate place with
beauty, was the first challenge
topic in August.

First, we are introducing the
winners of this challenge through
a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
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the First challenge of August

We could see the colorful desert
scenery, from the real figure to
various imaginations through the
challenge feed.

It was a great time to appreciate
desert that we cannot easily visit
and feel the existence of life in
harsh environments and their unique

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with a great piece
of art.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Deserted Grounds / @James_Maynard
Abu Dhabi desert / @abdulrahman

We see a ruined city at the end of
the desert where the cactus stands.
There is a city surrounded by a
transparent semicircle that floats
in the sky. By seeing the footprints
leading up to the bare tree where
the city began, the man under the
tree seems to have traveled
through the desert in search of
this mysterious city.
It’s presented by @James_Maynard.

In the desert under the blue sky
with clouds, there is a hill that is
carved by the wind. The trees and
grass have green leaves beneath it
and that seems to tell us life is
growing even in a place called the
desert. Desert in Abu Dhabi,
it's presented by @abdulrahman.

Mysterious Desert / @Goldie
* Silence in the Desert / @Kinz

In the night sky mixed with purple,
countless stars are forming the
Milky Way. Even the sands of the
desert spread wide in front of the
cactus seem to glow and shine every-
where by the starlight. The mysteri-
ous charm of a desert in the night,
it’s presented by @Goldie.

The sand mountains in the desert
remind us of the giant mountain
range. The sky dyed with various
colors in the sunlight at the end
of the mountain seems to beautifully
decorate the desert only with sand.
The sand on the ridge looks like a
long road. We want to walk on here
while quietly admiring the sky.
It’s presented by @Kinz.

"A few more steps" / @les

The desert where the river flows is
full of sand and rocks, the sky is
dyed brown and it looks like a rough
sand wind is blowing. However, grass
and flowers are in full bloom across
the river. By looking at the spread
of flowers in the dry place near
water, The desert will be full of
new lives very soon.
It’s presented by @les.

The appearance of the desert colored
with the mysterious light of the
moon and stars reminds us of the
aurora in the desert where the dense
dots are very rare. We wonder how
you feel about this landscape with
this light as a guide while walking
on a sandy mountain. The unique and
mysterious feeling of desert,
it’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

camping in the desert / @Sina
Journey to the Well / @kat

It's a desert surrounded by sandy
mountains where they are making a
bonfire and enjoying camping. Stars
floating with the moon in the sky
are creating a mysterious light,
and it creates a unique atmosphere
in the dark night. We want to go
camping to know how it feels like
to enjoy camping in the desert.
It’s presented by @Sina.

A boy in green with a yellow scarf
and a man in a turban are walking
on the sand. The two of them, moving
forward, seem to be heading for the
vast desert under the blue sky. It
reminds us of the little prince
meeting the pilot who crash-landed
in the desert.
It’s presented by @kat.

Sweet Desert / @azu
pencil from heart / @pokapoka

You can see the silhouettes of
people and cats on top of the sandy
hills of the desert. The person
standing is in a posture as if he is
looking into the distance with one
hand raised. By looking at the sky
at sunset, he is probably looking
for a destination between distant
sandy mountains before the dark
night comes. It’s presented by @azu.

The scenery behind a man walking
with a camel is reminiscent of a
rough desert. The flow of numerous
lines makes the sand feel like a
wave, and it also looks like a
strong sandstorm. Crossing this
desert, we wonder where they are
headed. It’s presented by @pokapoka.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The Second challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw UFO & Alien’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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