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[Interview] HOF August 2021 @z3dmax

The birth of superheroes demonst-
rates the background of the society
at the time.

Many people were going through dif-
ficult times due to war, economic,
or social problems at that time,
They give people hope for the futu-
re by themselves solving difficult

So the superheroes born like this
Have been loved to this day and
deliver various angles and positive
messages on various social issues.

Artist @z3dmax, the selected artist
for the hall of fame in August, he
delivers a message full of dream
and hope from many superheroes in
his work.

Many superheroes appear in his work.
They have various expressions and
ideas while delivering various mes-
sages or making their own stories.

Also, he is delivering various
inspirations together with the works
using coloring or drawings of vari-
ous movie characters and buildings
of unique feelings.

We want to know how he came to draw
these works and the meanings of it.

Then, let us begin the interview
with the artist.

Hello artist,
we’re the operations of PENUP.

First of all, congratulations on
being selected in the Hall of Fame
in August.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and comment on the selection.

A1. @z3dmax
Hello Penup , first of all I would
like to thank you to all my PENUP
friends who always support my works,
by showed like icon, re-posted and
commented, I do really appreciate it

And for PENUP management, thank you
for choosing me as one of your Hall
Of Fame.

My name is Hamzah, I’am 42 years
old, I’m working as a professional
architect specialized in high rise
and mixed used building categories
and live in Indonesia.

My hobbies are drawing, playing
games, and watching a great visual
effect movies.

Your first work was uploaded in May,

You have been constantly uploading
works afterwards, we are curious how
you came to know PENUP and upload
your works.

A2. @z3dmax
Wow you have my first work here :D
As you can seen I like to draw por-
trait and building from the start,
because those are my subject of inte-
rest to draw, I found accidentally
this application in app store, so
I try to give it a shot and start
to draw.

Works on a variety of subjects are

We wonder what devices and apps are
used for such works to be created.

A3. @z3dmax
Until now I only using an old device
Samsung note fan edition:D, I drew
on PENUP and Autodesk Sketchbook app
for drawing, but mostly I'm using
PENUP application to draw.

PENUP Live drawing and coloring
pages are my favorite template to
draw, I like to challenge myself,
by using live drawing only with
single layer, and coloring pages
doing the redraw to be more creative
from the original template.

We were able to see a lot of works
made using coloring designs.
You're drawing very various drawings
with creative ideas and coloring

We want to know the reason behind
creating works with coloring designs
and the charm you feel from such

A4. @z3dmax
Well, I like surprising people from
my coloring artworks :D

I've got my first 200 likes on
coloring pages by adding Garfield
draw on the coloring pages :D

Then I continue to redraw the color-
ing pages to boost my creativity, I
draw and color over a hundred art-
works from PENUP, I used it for
practice with the PENUP brush tools.

While redraw on PENUP coloring,
accidentally i met redraw artist,
Mishanya, for me he is one of PENUP
talented artists that inspired me,
we have some conversation, support
each other, and I would thank you
for his support for bring me up into
this level, sometimes we collaborate
on the redraw to bring more fun and
creativity in PENUP coloring.

For me art is not all about beauty,
but also creativity, that’s why I
did in coloring pages, As Albert
Einstein once said: “Creativity is
intelligence having fun!” 😊

We could see many artworks with
superheroes. Do you have a specific
reason to draw such works?

Also, we want to know your favorite
superhero and the reason to draw him
or her in your works.

A5. @z3dmax
Yea superhero, I like to draw them a
lot ! :D with their Strengths, Power,
and Personality, maybe we can’t be
like them, but I believe every per-
son has their own super power with
their skill to bring positive vibes
in our life.

And if you asked me who is my favo-
rite hero is BATMAN! Batman is my
favorite super hero all the time
from the 80’s because I was born
in that era, I like his character,
because Batman is mysterious, known
as dark knight, less talk more act-
ions, and one of the reason why I
like him is not difficult to draw:D

I draw him since i was a kid with
unproportionally drawing and now
I can draw him with many different
styles, thanks to PENUP.

We were also able to see works of
imagination that were full of
mystical feeling.

We wonder how you came to draw these
works and what they expressed.

A6. @z3dmax
I love magic, and to me Art is like

Magic from our imagination using
our brush technique and drawing.

And that’s how I’ve translated it
into the drawing by combining
those aspects, to get those mystical

To be honest I am not good in draw-
ing landscape before, I’ve learned
it from other artists here by seeing
their beautiful artworks.

Kuas is one my favorite artist in
PENUP who always draw beautiful
landscape. She is my good friend
and I would like to thank you for
inspiring and always support me 😊

The works of various buildings and
surrounding landscapes were also

We wonder if the buildings in the
works exist in real life. Also,
please tell us why you are painting
such buildings.

A7. @z3dmax
Well, I like building because I am
an architect.

It’s my daily routines, making those
building part of my job, from draft
concept sketch into construction
drawing, layout, zoning diagram etc.

I like futuristic ideas or organic
form because the i like buildings
moving rather than statics, some-
times I used 3d program to generate
it. That’s how my name describe
z–3d max :D

I've practiced stroke in PENUP
with my own style, and inspired
from PENUP artist stroke drawing
by Vlad HOF.

I love to draw a building with natu-
re surroundings; beautiful building
and landscape equal to perfect bal-

If you are asking the building that
exist in real life that I drew in
PENUP is temple Ulun Danu Beratan,
Bali, one of my artwork that win the
challenge from PENUP from landmark
category in October 2019.

We could also see that you drew not
only heroes but also characters in
various media.

We felt like they were drawings of
the ones that you watched.
We want to know why you're drawing
these characters and what kind of
expression you're trying to express.

A8. @z3dmax
To me drawing portrait or characters
are the hardest part in drawing
skills. Because you have to make
proper composition from their eyes,
nose, etc.

So I try to drawing characters,
with that then you’ll sharpening
your techniques, how you transfer
from your imaginary line from the
resource image then translate it
into the drawing.

Shading and shadow technique on skin
is also important in this part.

TonyFravio one of the PENUP portrait
artist that inspired me, by asking
and doing conversation with him.

I try to learn and develop it with
my own technique , and made some
improvement by practicing each day.

And i like drawing person with full
Expression , because if we can draw
it properly, the expression will
bring the energy to the people who
look into the artworks.

You have been actively interacting
with the works of people by re-
posting them. We wonder if this kind
of exchange has any effect on your

Also, if you have any plans for your
works, please share them with us.

A9. @z3dmax
I do respect and appreciate from all
people artworks in all ages in PENUP
who draw line by line , from their
honestly with their unique style,
beauty, creativity in art, so I try
reposted their artworks, so all my
friends can see the artwork.

The repost doesn’t effect to my
artworks, it depends on the people
how they see through my artworks,
but I like to re-posted to create a
communication or connection with
the people through all the artworks,
many great artist here with their
style and I like to reposted their
artworks, it is a part of sharing
between the PENUP community.

Here is the last question.

Please tell us any improvements or
messages you would like to share in
using PENUP.

A10. @z3dmax
Well since I'm here, for me PENUP is
a great social communication for art-
works , I’ve been here for 2 years.

I like the clean template and simple
but maybe you can put more feature
like Badge or Experiences on the
profile. For example like badge
winning the challenge, badge for
100 post drawing, etc.

So people have their chance to get
those badges, maybe with silver or
bronze color, it depends from your
side how it looks to get those re-
wards, but the objective is to have
more people fun to draw using this

It would be great if we could have
our own message inbox for private
conversation, you can provide and
delete automatically in 1 week,
depends on your system application.
Because sometimes we need space for
private conversation to get know
each other.

And last one I hope you could give
some restrictions/rules or banned
for people who steal artworks,
insulting any artworks or offending

Please give some direct actions from
people who report them if they are
proven doing those act. Because it’s
bother us all who draw in PENUP and
very intolerant actions.

Thank you PENUP for choosing me HOF
August 2021 it’s an honor to me.
I hope there will be a new feature
on the next update 😊

PENUP is like a my digital drawing
journey, a process of learning; I
found many great of PENUP artists,
lot of their artworks inspired me;
I took a visit on their galleries,
and I found a new friends in PENUP
who always been supportive in this

I practice every day using mobile
phone, sharpening my technique in
drawing and coloring.

Stay safe PENUP team, and for all
my dear PENUP friends that I can’t
mentioned you one by one, may God
Bless you all. Salam, May Peace be
upon you.

How was the interview
with @z3dmax?

Bob Kane created batman among super-
heroes and his friend and story
writer Bill Finger Completed him of
the current form we know.

Since then, it has been transformed
into different forms by several
authors and becomes the one in the

The artist also reinterprets the
characters and creates his own works
as well.

Why don’t you draw the artworks of
your own color in your favorite

Regardless of genre, add your imagi-
nations to newly draw and use them
to make new creations which will be
very fun.

We hope new discoveries are found in
PENUP with everyone’s work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team