2021-08-19. AM 05:42
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.8.0

Greetings. PENPLE’s!

PENUP is updated to version 3.8.0.

We are introducing new changes of
PENUP version 3.8.0.

First, ‘Canvas resize’ feature
has been added

Canvas resize was not available for
drawing before and you had to rotate
your device or draw it small.

But PENUP supports ‘Canvas resize’
feature from now on.

You can select the feature ‘New
canvas’ in the menu from the bottom
of the changed drawing tool and
select various canvases classified
in seven ratios.

You can use a canvas by selecting it
and set a canvas ratio you commonly
use for drawing as default to auto-
matically apply it for your new

Canvas resize feature can be very
useful in photo drawing.

You can change the ratio to load
the whole image that was only able
to be partially selected due to
canvas size.

After changing the ratio, you don’t
have to go back to main screen but
use layers to import images from
your gallery or camera for photo

It will great to have the whole
picture of the beautiful landscape
you took into drawing.

However, you can't change the canvas
size for your current drawings.
Please don’t forget to save your
work before applying changes.

Second, Brush panel is automatically

Previously, you had to open a
separate window to change the size
and close the panel yourself when
selecting a brush.

But now, Brush panel is more
convenient for use.

When you select a brush, the resi-
zing window will open automatically.

After selecting the brush you want
to use, touch anywhere other than
the change window. Then the brush
change window will close automati-

Change brushes easily without
multiple moves, and draw pictures

Other than that, Even if you started
a new drawing after closing the app,
the last location of the brush tool
will be saved so you can use the
tool as it was.

When adding a layer, it will be cre-
ated above the currently selected
layer to improve the convenience of
using layers.

Various aspects of the UX,
such as the horizontal screen of
the challenge page have also been
updated. Please take a look around
the changed PENUP.

We will do our best and be working
hard for your enjoyable drawing life
in the future.

We request your interest and love
in the future.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team