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[Challenge] 2021. August: Let's draw UFO & Alien

A mysterious visitor from space,
there are many eyewitnesses of air-
lines and UFOs.

Their looks are stimulating many
people’s curiosity through pictures
and drawings.

UFOs are known as mysterious flying
objects that seem to be made by dif-
ferent technology that we have such
as disk, circle, cone, square or
other shapes.

Aliens, they have a big head with
small body or multiple arms and legs
or the evolved look from animals or
various stories for their existence.

The second topic of August is the
mysterious existence, 'UFO & Alien',
that mankind wishes to meet.

ufos / @bigliamt
alien encounter / @ucru

There are various eyewitnesses from
the past about UFOs that are consi-
dered to be carrying aliens.

There is a record from the history
of the ancient egypt to rome that a
mysterious object made by fire flew
in the sky.

From official documents from the ro-
yal family in Korea from the Joseon
era, there are many records about
UFOs from many countries including
China or Japan.

PIn pictures, insects or birds are
mistaken at times but there are ca-
ses where modern technology can’t
identify so the research on UFOs are
still in progress.

Alien / @MarksS
Ever had that dream of being taken...
/ @ash_inked

Various ruins that are built before
the four ancient civilizations re-
call the existence of aliens.

From the discovered Alloy, build-
ings and structured to space pilots
in various mural paintings and the
drawings that can be seen as whole
only from the sky, because they are
impossible to produce and imagine at
that time.

With these facts, the rapid modern
technological advancement are insis-
ted that is related to aliens, so
many people are curious about their

/ @vuckethead
It's only a dream a / @DANROSE

Some scholars that study space in-
sists that aliens and UFOs exist in
real life.

Just like the birth and development
of mankind, the aliens that have ad-
vanced technology than us and UFOs
they made may exist from the planets
with similar environments.

These stories about aliens and UFOs
are just theories but the research
on them is still in progress.

What aliens and UFOs do you want to

Imagine aliens and UFOs that you
want to meet and draw their appear-
ances to join the challenge.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from Aug. 16(Mon) to Aug. 31(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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