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[Review] Challenge of July (2)

Our challenge for week-2 of July was
all about the ‘S pen’ the magical
tool that makes the artworks up on
PENUP even more beautiful.

First, let’s take a look at a video
of this week’s winners.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of July

From S Pens artists are using even
at this very moment to compete in
PENUP challenges, to future S Pens
people would love to get their hands
on in the future, we saw a wide var-
iety of S Pens make their way into
our latest challenge.

We had a lot of fun thanks to the
creativity and beautiful artworks
that really made us look forward to
future artworks our PENUP users will
create using their own S Pens.

Thank you to everyone who sent in
their wonderful artworks to partici-
pate in the challenge.

To celebrate the Galaxy Unpacked
event held on the August 11th of
this challenge, we would like to
present the 'LAMY AL-Star S pen'
and PENUP goods to the winners of
this challenge.

For more details, please read the
announcement at the bottom.

So, shall we take a look at the
winners of this week's challenge?

s pen / @liho1012
S PEN Blvd. / @ArtisticJ0nes

in an indoor park surrounded by
glass. A hologram showing the PENUP
logo catches people’s eyes, and
tells us that this place has some-
thing special to it. This beautiful
park that looks so inviting was
drawn by @liho1012.

In this piece, there’s a large crowd
gathered in front of a store with a
sign that says, “S Pen.” And every-
one seems to be holding an S Pen in
their hands and completely absorbed
in doing something with their smart-
phones. Given the way the person at
the front is drawing his own hand
drawing something with an S Pen,
all of the other people might be
doing the same. Maybe this store is
hosting some sort of event involving
S Pens. This sketch was drawn by

"Got your S Pen?" / @gelina
s pen spark / @sarpal

Next, we have a blue S Pen placed
on a rock in a dark forest. There’s
also a little mouse that seems to be
intrigued by the S Pen, which it mi-
ght have never seen before. Another
mouse is hiding among the bushes,
watching carefully. If the person
who lost this S Pen doesn’t come to
find it, it might become a toy for
these mice. Thank you, @gelina for
sending that one in.

On the right, we have some beautiful
flowers and vines encasing a very
large letter “S,” and the S Pen’s
black nib seems to be creating a
spark like some fireworks. People
are using their S Pens at this very
moment to turn countless ideas into
beautiful artworks. This piece,
which seems to represent the power
the S Pen has to create new works of
art, was done by @sarpal.

draw a colorful song / @hanacco
My Finger, My stylus / @Brazy

Here, we have a woman writing some-
thing in the air with her S Pen. As
the words “Draw a Colorful Song” su-
ggest, the picture shows lines and
notes jumping off the screen and
flowing through the air like music.
Overall, it just makes you want to
stop and appreciate the symphony of
colors people can create using the
S Pen. Well done @hanacco!

The index finger seemingly tracing
the trajectory of the little paper
airplane on this smartphone has an
S Pen nib for its fingernail, and it
has a button, much like an S Pen.
The squiggly lines in the background
seem to express the imaginary world
created by the artist’s finger. Whe-
never an idea for a beautiful piece
of artwork pops into your head, your
S Pen has the power to turn that
idea in your head into a beautiful
piece of art on your smartphone.
This interesting and creative piece
was created by @Brazy.

it's my style / @tosi73
thanks pen up / @Cameleon

This girl with a shiny pin in her
hair, wearing a beautiful dress has
a little smile on her face. She’s
also holding a blue S Pen that seems
to be emanating some sort of spark-
ling light flowing towards the di-
rection she’s looking in. But where
is that light from her S Pen going?
We’d love to find out. Thanks to
@tosi73 for your wonderful work.

Next, we see an S Pen in a person’s
hand drawing a couple leaning on
each other’s shoulder and taking a
selfie on a beach at night with bea-
utiful stars and some fog in the air.
The drawing seeming sprouting from
the nib of that S Pen looks like a
happy memory. Drawing something to
capture a memory instead of taking
a photo might make it that much more
special. This piece was sent in by

Old Times New Times ♡♡♡ / @helgi
(Untitled) / @shokie122

Here we have an S Pen drawing a por-
trait of a woman painted on a piece
of canvas placed on an easel on a
tablet. The picture of a modern dev-
ice drawing a conventional type of
painting created with conventional
equipment seems to represent the
evolution of art. Someday in the
future, digital drawing may also
become a thing of the past. Thanks,
@helgi, for competing in this week’s

The blue pen in the shape of a com-
plex device looks very much like a
new type of an S Pen. And the colors
and intricately connected lines seem
like representations of brilliant
ideas and colorful works created us-
ing S Pens. Let us know what you see
in this one. Shout out to @shokie122
for sending in this amazing piece.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The First challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Desert’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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PENUP will send the 'LAMY AL-Star S pen' and some PENUP merchandise to
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this week’s challenge.

If you have been selected as a
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