2021-07-29. AM 02:12
[HOF] August 2021 @z3dmax

PENUP has coloring contents to color
on designs.

More than 2,000 designs are uploaded
up to date and new designs are being
uploaded day by day.

Coloring is not only the joy of ap-
plying the color you want, but also
drawing new ideas from the designs
and creating new artworks that is
loved by everyone.

@z3dmax was selected for the Hall of
Fame in August who are demonstrating
newness to coloring with creative

The artist is using coloring designs
To create beautiful works.

The blank space were filled up with
the imaginary scenes of the image
from the designs with colors and
creative expressions to demonstrate
a different feeling.

Also, artworks with different feel-
ings by using parts of designs to be
drawn can be seen.

Various situations are included in
it and you can meet new stories that
start with small elements.

Besides, the artist has works of
various topics in his feed.

You can see futuristic buildings or
mysterious landscapes of nature as
well from various movie or animation

Also, he is showing great super he-
roes with his brilliant ideas.

Through such works with various
topics, he is communicating with
others And creating new artworks.

Feel free to visit his feed and meet
beautiful works With various topics.

Don’t forget
to congratulate @z3dmax
and like the works with your
favorite topics.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team