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[Challenge] 2021. August: Let's draw Desert

Deserts are climatically referred to
as places where evaporation is gre-
ater than the amount of rain.

Therefore, the appearance of the de-
sert is very diverse.

There are sandy deserts that can be
easily recalled, but a rocky desert
full of rocks and gravel formed when
the sea evaporates or also a white
salt desert exists.

Other than that, the coastal desert,
a dessert topography that seems to
have sufficient water supply from
the ocean and ice and snow dessert
covered with ice and snow exist.

The first challenge topic in August
is 'Desert', a barren place with
unique beauty.

desert living / @SPR
desert / @VMST

The desert is said to be a place
where many changes occur.

In the case of sandy deserts, it
is said that the topography changes
even in a short period of time.

In particular, the crescent-shaped
sand dunes created under the influ-
ence of wind can be made at he hei-
ght of 100m and disappears in the

In addition, desert sand easily
dissipates heat. and the moisture
level in the air is close to 0. As
a result, the average daytime tem-
perature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius,
but it shows extreme temperature
fluctuations as the weather is below
freezing at night.

Ship of the desert / @abdulrahman
Cactus / @hannibal

Even in the desert where life seems
hard to exist, the lives of many
living things go on.
The camel is a means of transporta-
tion in the desert. It has a lump
and can survive without water for 30
days. Desert foxes radiate heat with
their large ears and beat the heat.
Cactus prevents moisture evaporation
with thorn and scorpions survive de-
sert weather by lowering their meta-

Besides, there are many different
kinds of living things. Capturing
them in the desert landscape would
be fun.

Pink desert / @hosio
Desert rise / @Dexter

Deserts occupy one-tenth of the
Earth's surface, and are continuing
to grow in size.

This phenomenon of desertification
is a change caused by environmental

At present, it is gradually getting
fasterand the number of extinct pla-
nts and animals is also increasing
which we have to put a lot of effort
into it so that it doesn't increase
any further.

What kind of desert do you think of
right now?

From the real desert landscape to
the desert in your imagination, join
the challenge with various appearan-
ces in drawings.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from August. 1(Sun) to
August. 15(Sun).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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