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[Interview] HOF July 2021 @Orange_Dragon

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Czech painter Alphonse Muchais said
to be the representative artist of
the Art Nouveau style with artworks
depicting beautiful and mysterious

He expresses the appearance of na-
ture with sophisticated and elegant
curves, and completed a unique form
that expresses the inner psychology
of the woman who appears with clo-
thes and props.

The works that were born in that way
inspired many people with great po-
pularity, and became the beginning
of the animation industry including
characters that are currently loved
by people.

The artist @Orange_Dragon who was
selected for the hall of fame in
July, is also showing attractive
characters in her works and giving
us various inspirations.

Various characters are seen in her

From her original characters she
created to the characters from car-
toons and animations,they beauti-
fully expressed in her unique paint-
ing style.

Also, through emotions and postures,
various works that have various sit-
uations make us imagine various sto-
ries with the effort for painting.

We wonder how these works were born
and the stories contained in them.

Then, let us begin the interview
with the artist.

Hi artist, we’re the operations of

Firstly, congratulations on your
selection on the hall of fame in

Please briefly introduce yourself
and share how you feel.

A1. @Orange_Dragon
Hi, I am Orange Dragon ya.

I feel surprise and happy when saw
my artwork in Hall of Fame. I do not
know about what is this Hall of Fame
before, just feel a bit weird for why
so many people like my artwork XD.

Thanks for loving my artwork!!

Its make me feel happy for you all
likes, thank you very much!!

You’ve uploaded your first work in
June 2018.

Afterwards, you have been constantly
uploading your works, we want to
know how you got to know PENUP and
started uploading your works.

A2. @Orange_Dragon
I got my Smsung Tab A for drawing on
2018. I found this apps on my tablet
and curious about this apps.

So I start to upload my drawing to
this apps just for fun.

Afterward I get familiar with this
apps, I will upload my artwork once
I completed it.

Various characters caught our eyes.

We want to know what devices and
apps are used in creating these

A3. @Orange_Dragon
I use Medibang apps to create the
artwork. Sometimes using PC and
sometimes using galaxy tab.

This apps have lot of function and
nice to use for beginner & pro.

And the most important part is, this
apps is FREE.

Looking at the works, we found that
there were more female figures than
males in the works.

We wonder why you draw so many

A4. @Orange_Dragon
I like women so I draw women lol.

You uploaded the sketches and color-
ed works separately, and it was also
fun to guess the color and feeling
to be like.

We wonder why you uploaded your work
this way.

A5. @Orange_Dragon
Just want to show the steps for
“how to create one colorful artwork
from line art” haha.

It felt like not all of the sketched
works lead to coloring.

We wonder what the difference
between paintings with and without

A6. @Orange_Dragon
Sometime I feel lazy for coloring so
just sketches and I feel relax about

We could see cartoon and animation
characters in your style.

What cartoon or animations do you
usually draw? And we also want to
know how they are attractive to you.

A7. @Orange_Dragon
I usually draw for the anime girl
that I like the most. They are cute
and look attractive for me.

I like their design and personal-
itize the most.

The above works were the most drawn

We wonder what kind of character it
is and what story it contains.

A8. @Orange_Dragon
This one is the original characters
create by me. Based on the orange
dragon name, she is dragon and loves
to eat orange.

No story contains for her because I
am bad on this story stuff haha.

Among the recent works, We were able
to see works with consecutive num-
bers written on them.

We wonder what the numbers in these
pictures mean and also if you have
any works that you’d like to chall-
enge further.

A9. @Orange_Dragon
This is the “Inktober Challenge”,
the challengers must draw one art-
work for each days with the themes.

The number on the picture is the
date no for october.

I just drawing when I got mood so I
didnt know I want to challenge what
for next time lol.

This is the last question.

Please tell us any improvements or
messages to share while using PENUP.

A10. @Orange_Dragon
Erm I think can do it like a Face-
book thats allow people to communi-
cate with each other & comes with
more challenge like draw a cute girl

Oh I found out I cant open the apps
on the computer, maybe can improve a
bit for compatible of windows system
since many people using PC nowsaday.

How was the interview
with @Orange_Dragon?

Alphonse Mucha, drew a poster for
the play 'Gismonda' with a new at-
tempt and he made his name known
and became the most popular painter
as the word ‘Mucha style’ was crea-

The artist also giving new inspi-
rations to everyone through a cre-
ation process of new style from

Why don’t you who are reading this
draw a character in your own style?

From a character known by everyone
to the ones born in your imagina-
tions. It would be great to draw
characters in your own style and
share words about them.

We hope the characters made by
everyone can create a new story
through PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team