2021-07-14. AM 02:08
[Challenge] 2021. July: Let's draw S pen

S pen, the stylus pen that freed us
from various art tools, is an impor-
tant tool in using PENUP.

It can be conveniently kept with
your device and you can draw any-
where and anytime.

Also, it actualized the sense in
drawing on a paper to provide the
analog feeling together and enabled
free expression of thin and thick
lines with various pen pressures.

The second topic of challenge of
July is 'S pen' that makes PENUP
more beautiful.

The S pen / @Elmoghira
note & pen / @jmmommy

S pen is the identity of Galaxy Note
Series. Now, it expands applicable
areas including Galaxy S series,
tablets and laptops.

From the first S pen, your imaginary
ones to the collaborations with act-
ual pens. It would be great to draw
actual products in your drawing.

Spen is mightier than the sword
/ @MoZ
Spen / @Sigi

S pen is providing various features

From air commands that you can
immediately use various features
including PENUP once you pull the
pen out, to function as a remote
control in taking a picture and cap-
ture or memo features can be used in
the dimmed screen.

Also, you can conveniently use the
device with gloves on during cold
winter and there are various tips
for real life.

It would be exciting to introduce
the various ways that how you use
your S pen by drawing.

☆Hermione granger☆ / @z3dmax
colours / @SamTaqvi

S pen is newly evolving every year.
From its look to features, new
changes with new applicable areas,
It provides more changes for us for
new experiences.

So we are excited to the future of
S pen and how it will change.
Join the challenge by drawing vari-
ous S pens you had, wanted to have
or actually use!

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Jul. 16(Fri) to Jul. 31(Sat).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team