2021-06-29. AM 02:18
[HOF] July 2021 @Orange_Dragon

It has been more than 100 years
since the birth of Peter Rabbit.
However, it is a character that
can be easily found not only in
children’s books but also in
various media and products.

Without knowing the story, but most
people know the character rabbit
which is a good case to show the
power of characters.

Now characters from novels, manga,
and anime where characters are
essential, they expand their activi-
-ties in all areas of our lives and
are considered as the flower and
subject of the cultural industry in
the 21st century.

In the hall of fame in July,
@Orange_Dragon is selected and
showing new stories from beautiful
characters in her works.

The artist's work is full of
beautiful characters.

Starting with the original
character, various characters show
off their attractive figures and
stimulate various imaginations.

In addition, their faces with
various emotions and dynamic poses
make them feel alive and they remind
the words to speak and situations to
recall new stories.

In addition, the artist shows her
effort and passion for painting
through numerous works in the feed.

Through the process of sketching
and coloring one work, you can also
appreciate the change in the feeling
created by the color and also enjoy
guessing the moods of works by
choosing a color to be used.

Please visit @Orange_Dragon’s feed
and meet beautiful characters.

Don’t forget to congratulate her and
talk about impressive characters you
see and ‘like’ her works.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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