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[Challenge] 2021. July: Let's draw Surfing

Surfing up and down the high waves,
Surfing is sports that feels cool
and thrilling just by looking at it.

There is also a way to enjoy riding
a surfboard in the sea.

But body surfing using the body as
a board, or also windsurfing that
uses the wind with a sail.

paddle boat surfing using paddles,
wake surfing on the waves caused by
the boat, Kitesurfing using paragli-
-ding is also possible.

In addition, from sky surfing to
enjoy in the sky to sand surfing
to enjoy the sand of the desert,
surfing is enjoyed in places other
than the sea.

The topic of first challenge in
July is enjoyable sports by riding
a board, 'Surfing'.

surfing in the sand / @Aspin
Wind surfing / @seasickjohn

Surfing has a long history.

Today's popular surfing was origin-
-ated in Polynesian culture hundreds
of years ago.

It is said that a culture similar
to surfing existed in civilizations
near the sea including the Inca

It is said that surfing at the time
was closer to a special ceremony
than a sport. Making a board, riding
rough waves, it was all about the
wishing for the protection of the
god of sea.

Caught the wave / @TLM
Surfing/ @AntoineKhanji

Waves are the most important factor
in the ocean where to enjoy surfing.

Some places with large waves of 20m
or more are called dream places for
surfers and brings a lot of people
to visit.

Also, surfers can be easily found
in the beach with high waves in
each country.

It would be great to draw surfers
and the scenery of it around you.

Surfing / @Bpistudio
Wave. / @Papu

The essential for surfing, surf-
-boards were initially made of wood.
Once surfing became popular, they
are made of materials that float
well in water.

These materials made it possible to
mass production. But people still
look for a lot of hand-made boards.

Mixing various colors to make it
colorful and put drawings, texts
and characters to create their own

What board do you want to ride and
where do you want to enjoy surfing?

From actual appearances to imaginary
ones. Draw anything about surfing
and join the challenge!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from July. 1(Thu) to
July. 15(Thu).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team