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[Review] Challenge of June (1)

A bird we can easily see with a
smiling beak ‘Duck’ was the topic of
this challenge.

First, we are introducing the
winners of this challenge through
a video.

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please check the link below.
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the First challenge of June

From the common ducks around us
to the works include stories and
imaginations, we could see unique
ducks in everyone’s mind with this
enjoyable time.

Thank you all who participated in
this challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Herd of ducks / @Jaume_vp
Ducks in the lake / @EscapePod

Over the dense forest, several ducks
are flying into the sky full of
clouds. They are in line, flapping
their wings with all their might and
heading somewhere. It is said that
ducks fly hundreds to thousands of
kilometers without stopping to get
food. We want to go together with
them to wherever the they go.
It’s presented by @Jaume_vp.

The lake covered with willow leaves
is in full bloom. A family of ducks
is swimming leisurely on the surface
of the water. Flowers with beautiful
light bloom on floating grass, it
seems to welcome the visit of the
ducks by filling the surroundings
with twinkling lights. A picture
of a duck family in a fantastic
It’s presented by @EscapePod.

Midnight Swim / @lilliebug
08-06-2021 / @Duy

In the dark night, butterflies come
to the plants that bloom on the
water. Under the plants, ducks with
beautiful yellow feathers are swim-
-ming in the middle as if playing
hide and seek. We are curious about
the story of the cute ducks why they
are playing in the dark surroundings
at night.
It’s presented by @lilliebug.

Countless lines intertwined in the
moon and stars twinkling night sky.
It depicts a duckling with a yellow
beak and feathers. They said that
ducks symbolize love and reconcili-
-ation and also considered a myste-
-rious animal that call for water.
Perhaps, the drawing of duck in
beautiful sky has a wish of someone.
It’s presented by @Duy.

햇살 좋은 날 오리가족 나들이
/ @jinhee
Taking a Bath ♡♡♡ / @helgi

On a green field full of white
flowers in the warm sunlight duck-
-lings are walking in line following
the mother duck, some of the ducks
wake up from eggs laid in the nest,
they leave the nest immediately and
head to another place. Perhaps,
these families are now looking for a
new home. It’s presented by @jinhee.

A large bucket is full of water, a
duck is looking into the water on
the wooden planks above it. They
seem to be contemplating whether to
go into the water or not with their
head sticking out and looking at the
surface of the water. We are curious
about the duck's choice.
It’s presented by @helgi.

Mallards in a lake / @ShaneGill
first try / @Redouanhasko

The two ducks seem to be hunting for
prey now. One with its head stuck in
to dive into deep the water, the
duck next to seems to be looking
around in case of an unexpected
attack. Ducks can dive without get-
-ting wet because of their oiled
feathers. A mallard duck with a
distinctive green head.
It’s presented by @ShaneGill.

In a deep forest lake where light
seems to come through the trees,
a mother duck and two ducklings are
swimming on the water. Ducks usually
lay 7 to 12 eggs, and they often
have many young. The mother duck,
who seems to call someone with its
beak open, maybe it's calling other
ducklings scattered around.
It’s presented by @Redouanhasko.

Duck family / @feltboy
sweeping ducks / @hanacco

In the bathroom with pink tiles and
a white bathtub, a family of yellow
ducks squawks over the full water,
they are enjoying a bath. The water
droplets that have bloomed all
around, they feel it seems to tell
a refreshing and pleasant feeling
a cute duck family.
It’s presented by @feltboy.

The moon and stars shining through
the windows are telling us it's
midnight. The white duck leans on a
haystack in a deep sleep with a
sleeping cap and pillow on its head.
The yellow duckling next to it has
a grumpy face by the shade on its
face. Maybe it’s because of the
mother duck hugging the pillow while
sleeping instead of it.
It’s presented by @hanacco.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The Second challenge of June,
‘Let’s draw Crown’ is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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