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[Interview] HOF June 2021 @Sugan

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Belgian painter Pierre Josef Reduté,
He was called by his nickname
‘Raphael of Flowers’ With his works
with beautiful flowers.

He became interested in the painting
and ecology of plants, and learned
the anatomy of plants and drew them
By dissecting and diagnosing flowers
to describe their characteristics.

With some help from people who loved
his works, he participated in the
catalog of museums and research of
plants while having flowers in the
world in his drawing which makes him
to be called the greatest plant
painter in the history.

The artist @Sugan, who was selected
in the Hall of Fame in June, is also
showing the beauty of various
flowers to everyone by having them
in her works.

The artist's works are filled with
endless flowers. And they seems to
be guiding us to a huge garden.

The flowers in full bloom are
expressed in mysterious colors in
various landscapes, and convey vari-
-ous meanings with beauty.

In addition, the artist is is show-
-ing works such as portraits and
abstract paintings that contain the
artist's emotions.

We should meet the artist to ask how
these works were born.

Then, let’s begin the interview with
the artist.

Hello @Sugan,
we’re the operations of PENUP.

First of all, congratulations on
being selected in the Hall of Fame in June.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and comment on the selection.

A1. @Sugan
Dear PENUP team, thank you so much
for the recognition! I am pleasantly
surprised and feeling very excited.

About my background, I grew up in
Tamil Nadu, India and got trained as
Medical Doctor. Now I have settled
in USA and am working in Clinical

I live with my loving husband and
affectionate son! I never thought
myself as an artist till I dis-
-covered PENUP.

The simple flower artworks displayed
here are some of my earlier works
done as finger painting on Galaxy S7
Edge. They are like the Kindergarten
steps of my Art Journey!

Your first work was uploaded in
December 2018. Since then, you are
constantly uploading your works.

We are curious how you got to know
PENUP and started uploading your

A2. @Sugan
It was a fun story how I discovered

My first android phone was Galaxy
S7 Edge and I was so used to it.
Around 2018, when my husband said
we could switch to Galaxy Note 9,
I was against it.

I didn't want to get used to the
new phone. To convince me, my son
said, " Mom, if you get the Galaxy
Note 9, it comes with S Pen. You
can make your paintings better and
you can do finer details."

He downloaded the PENUP app and
introduced this forum to me.😀
Once I started using PENUP, I
became unstoppable. I used all
features available to paint and
felt like a kid in candy store.

The quality of my art works kept
improving. I kept sharing my art
almost every day and continue to do
till today! I still have some of my
earlier paintings in the gallery
and it reminds me what a good
journey it has been so far!

From beautiful flowers, she was
putting various stories in her

We are curious to see which devices
and apps are making these works.

A3. @Sugan
I started painting using Galaxy
Note 9. Currently I have Galaxy
Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S7 tab.

I was exclusively using PENUP art
features in the beginning. Learning
from fellow community members, I
started using Auto Desk Sketch Book
and Art Rage apps.

For some of my paintings I use
multiple apps as I observe every
app has it's unique features.

There were various works, we noticed
lots of works with flowers.

We are curious about the reason you
put flowers in the work and the
appeal of the artist as a material.

A4. @Sugan
It's a tricky question. The real
answer is "I don't know". I paint
any thing that keeps me happy.

I enjoy growing flowers and painting
them is very relaxing. Flowers are
so kind as I can imagine them in
every possible color and shape.
They always come beautiful!

I started my collection of flower
art called Monochromatic Hues. I
choose a single color and try to
paint flowers using different tones
of the same color.

I try different brush settings and
draw them in unusual colors which
don't exist naturally.

Painting flowers is like my daily
routine and I keep pushing my limit!

I believe here are countless flowers
yet to bloom in my PENUP garden!

We could also see works that used
lines to draw mysterious patterns.

We are curious about what the
patterns in the work express and
what meaning is contained in them.

A5. @Sugan
These paintings are inspired by a
traditional art form called 'Kolam'
in Tamil ( My native language).

Some of best memories growing up in
India was watching these beautiful
art done by women, in the front of
the homes, on the streets at dawn.

Every day new kolams are drawn.
In olden days they used rice flour
to draw kolams as they serve as food
to ants and other insects. Kolams are
like math as they have a pattern and
certain order to draw and I believe
they are good brain exercise.

I tried these paintings when I was
getting used to PENUP. Practicing
them gave me a finer control over
my art.

There was also a work that seemed to
represent a scene from a myth.

The colorful colors and mystery felt
in the paintings were a feeling that
attracted attention.

We are curious about the motivation
behind drawing such a work and what
other stories are contained.

A6. @Sugan
I tried recreating a 600 year old
traditional Art form called
'Thanjavur Art'. Original Thanjavur
Art, have paintings of Indian dei-
-ties decorated with Golden foil and
precious gemstones.

I love those paintings as they are
a visual treat with vibrant colors,
art details and 3D effect. I did
these paintings as my humble attempt
to create them on digital version.

The painting of baby Krishna with
his mother Yasodha shows every
mother's love for her child.

The painting of Saraswati (Goddess
of knowledge and 64 types of art)
with her Veena (musical instrument)
was done to show my devotion to my

We were able to see portraits of
several people's faces.

In addition to the introduced works,
you were drawing various characters.

We are curious about who the
characters are and how you got to
draw them.

A7. @Sugan
Of the many new art forms I learnt
in PENUP, portraits were the hardest.

I would like to thank my fellow
PENUP artist, TonyFarvio who is my
PENUP Guru. He motivated me draw
portraits and has been giving valu-
-able tips for me to paint.

I enjoy watching movies and these
women are Indian movie actresses.

I choose to paint Namitha Pramod in
the first portrait. Her expression
shows a shy and beautiful girl in
love. Her simplicity and innocence
shows in her eyes.

The second portrait is Deepika
Padukone. I chose to paint her, as
she looks elegant, classy and confi-
-dent in her appearance.

I try these portraits to draw human
face in various angles, in different
lighting and try to capture the

We could see your feed with your
drawing stages which was very

We want to know the reason you
started uploading such feed.

A8. @Sugan
As novice to art, I evolved learning
every step from this forum.

I observe fellow artist's painting
and try to understand the technique
they use.

I didn't learn art in school but
developed my own style of painting.

Capturing the stages of art and
sharing them was to show the authen-
-ticity of my original work and to
share my style of painting with
fellow artists.

The abstractions leading to the same
title were also impressive.

We are curious about what these
abstractions mean and also anything
you want to draw in the future.

A9. @Sugan
When I was new to this art world and
had a whole world to discover, I
wanted to try everything!

A good friend called RAFF77 in PENUP
forum used to do abstract art and he
was a great support for my painting.
I did these abstract art as I
enjoyed the limitless options I
could try. Since there was no set
rule, I tried different techniques
and forms as my mind please.

I can't describe what they mean, but
simply they kept flowing through my
thought process!

Last question.

Please tell us any improvements or
messages you would like to share
In using PENUP.

A10. @Sugan
I would like to give full credit to
PENUP that helped to discover my
hidden art skill.

I think PENUP has every good feature
to learn and improve the art skills.

I would like to thank my friends
Guru, con, i.mary, Kuas and many
more good friends who constantly
support and motivate me to paint.
2500 years ago a Tamil poet wrote
"Yaadhum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir".

It translates as "The entire world
is my home and every fellow being
is my kith and kin". I realize his
words being true in this community.

Connecting and communicating with
every artist across the world, using
art as the medium is a true gift!

My only suggestion to PENUP is to
provide a better way to thank
everyone! (Writing individually to
everyone is a good feature but its
very time consuming).

There is so much love in this commu-
-nity and I want to thank everyone
for making my experience meaningful!

How was the interview with @Sugan?

Pierre Josef Reduté drew the
flowers in the garden of Napoleon
who supported him and published them
with his works.

The original garden of Rose disap-
-peared and we can’t see it anymore,
However, we can imagine the look of
the garden through his works.

@Sugan, she is bringing us various
imaginations by drawing various
appearances of flowers that we
easily miss.

Why don’t you draw various plants
from the flowers you like in your

With the appearance of a flower that
blooms and fades in a short time,
It would be great to share what you
have experienced in seasonal sensi-
-bility to everyone.

We wish beautiful flowers will fully
bloom in PENUP With everyone’s work.
Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team