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[Challenge] 2021. June: Let's draw Crown

There have been as many kings as
in the long history of mankind,
the crown as its symbol, it has
been made of various shapes and

A laurel wreath was used as a symbol
of victory in Rome.

People wore a hood decorated with
cobras and eagles, as the symbol of
God in Egypt.

In the case of Bhutan, the national
bird crow has been decorated on the

A round border with a crown with a
star expressed the protection of
stars in Portugal.

The topic of challenge is a 'Crown'
that symbolizes the power of the

crown me a prince Under
the stars PART 2 / @mari_lyn
I am the king / @FreeshMoha

The first crown used in the West
was a diadem, that was a type of
headband. Through exchange of vari-
-ous cultures. It has been shaped
like an arched skeleton.

In the East, it has developed from a
metal crown to a method to use silk
and cloth-base crown with embroidery
and jewelry to be decorated.

It would be great to find the crowns
of many countries around the world
and express what you have seen
impressively into a drawing.

jasmine / @yuyuyu
Hermosa sin duda (this draft
is no more) / @artleliroza

It is said that the crown contains
various information.

Because it was a symbol of the
supreme power, the finest craftsmen
participate in the production and
you can see the latest technology
at that time.

Through Jewelry or ornaments, can
be assumed about popular culture
at that time.

Other than that, jewelries or mine-
-rals that are not found from the
country can show the country’s
relation with other countries.

crown / @medel
crown / @SUN_REGARTS

The crown contains many stories

The ruby of an egg-size decorated
the crown of England named after the
person who brought it, 'The Ruby of
the Black Prince'.

Hungarian crowns are made of differ-
-ent parts that were from different
materials and times, and known that
several legends have been passed

Other than that, there are stories
about mysterious animals, heroes and
gods in the world.

What crown are you thinking of?
From actual crowns to imaginary
ones. Draw the crown in your mind
and join the challenge.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Jun. 16(Wed) to Jun. 30(Wed).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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