2021-05-28. AM 02:45
[HOF] June 2021 @Sugan

Have you ever pictured flowers
in drawings?

Edouard Manet said
a painter should be able to
Express everything only
with flowers,
fruits and clouds,

Claude Monet creates
and decorates his own garden
with the flowers that bloomed
in it were put into the work.

In case of Georgia O'Keeffe,
She drew big flowers because
she wanted people to know
the beauty of flowers
being passed by.
So, flowers are commonly
loved materials regardless of
era and drawing style.

@Sugan, the artist who
is drawing fragrant flowers
in he drawing
to express their beauty,
was selected for
the Hall of Fame in June.

The artist's work is full
of beauty created
by various flowers.
By expressing the shape
of the flower as a work,
it shows the meaning
of flowers such as brightness,
warmth, and vitality and
also seems to contain
the unique scent of flowers
through the combination of colors.

Also through the landscape
with flowers,
It delivers the feeling of walking
in a wide flower garden
And creates a dreaming mood
with creative expressions
to express the beauty of flower
as plant in various angles.

Through various abstractions
and patterns containing uniqueness,
It makes us imagine what
the subject she wants to express.

Through works that seem
to transpose a story from a myth,
they make us curious about
what kind of story is contained.

Please visit the artist’s feed and
meet various works including
beautiful flowers.

With congratulations,
Please don’t forget to ‘like’
the drawings with flowers in minds
And see various works
to write reviews on the comments.

Please look forward to
the upcoming interview
with the artist.

Thank you.

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