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[Challenge] 2021. June: Let's draw Duck

A duck, with a beak
that feels like a smile,
there are over 140 species
of it around the world.

A tame duck with white feather
and yellow beak,
a mallard duck with unique
green feather and
a mandarin duck with beautiful
and colorful feathers.

A call duck raised
for hunting ducks,
or the yellow duck said
to move beyond the Himalayas,

A white-cheeked duck
is a wild duck,
but ewe can easily see them even
in the presence of people,
we can see various species
of ducks living around us.
The topic of this challenge
is 'Duck', that we can easily
see over the world.

California duck / @AntoineKhanji
duck / @osmans099

Ducks are said to have been
with humans for a long time.

They were also found
in ancient Egyptian murals,
and said that ducks have been
bred since Roman times.

Due to the seasonal movement,
They were considered
an existence traveling
from life and death
and animals sent by god
of agriculture because
they ate weeds and bad insects
and fertile the land
with their excreta.

Also, in some areas,
they survived in floods
and that’s why they were called
a phoenix.

Farm friends / @SPR
duck action / @Jaume_vp

Ducks are known
for their unique waddle gait.
This makes it a good advantage
to live on water and dive.
because it is oriented toward
the tail.

Also, thanks to the oil secreted
from the tail,
it doesn't get wet so
it can float easily.
That’s why it is possible
to dive even in the cold winter.

when natural enemies appear,
the mother bird pretends
to be injured to lure them,
and they have habits
to recognizing a large object
as mother after they are born.

It would be great to have
the traits of ducks you know
In the drawing.

scenery / @shahir
청둥오리 전대에서~(-mallard)
/ @do_yu

Ducks are birds describing
the importance of the environment.

Species that were migratory birds,
they are gradually
becoming resident birds
due to the warming caused
by the pollution of the earth.

But on the contrary,
the ducks that have left are
also coming back
in the process of cleaning
and managing contaminated rivers.

What appearance of duck
do you think of now?

Join the challenge
with various ducks from
the ones you personally saw
or the ones in imaginations.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from June. 1(Tue) to
June. 15(Tue).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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