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[Review] Challenge of May (1)

‘Giraffe’, an animal
with a long neck
and distinctive patterns,
was the topic of this challenge.

First, we are introducing the
winners of this challenge through
a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the First challenge of May

We could see actual life
of giraffes in veld and
creative imaginations from
The works contain various
appearances of them.

Also, it was a meaningful time
to remind us of
our lives that we are sharing
with various animals
Including giraffes.

Thank you all who participated
in the challenge with great works.
Now, shall we meet the winners
of this challenge?

Hip Hop Giraffe / @acun89
(Untitled) / @Maria

Two giraffes dressed up
in sunglasses, headphones
and a dumb hat
seem to be rapping
to the exciting beat.
It looks very enjoyable
that they show their teeth
and laugh while singing
with their mouth wide open.
It makes us want to see
their performances in person.
It’s presented by @acun89.

On the big window behind
a woman enjoying tea time,
a giraffe sticks out her head and
is moving its head towards
the food on the table.
It is said that there are hotels
in Kenya and other places
in Africa where you can meet
giraffes in person.
We envy the woman with
a happy smile at teatime
with a giraffe.
It’s presented by @Maria.

Edwin the Brave / @Zaba
Sense of freedom / @samaneh.zndhdl

A knight with a shield,
armor and red cloak is on his way
to the castle with a giraffe
with a string of wind blowing
on its horns.
In the distance,
a giraffe is looking at a snake
with a glimmering spire
that looks blurry.
We wonder what adventures
and stories will unfold
in the future.
It’s presented by @Zaba.

The giraffe's face reflected
in the moonlight looks full
of carelessness.
The lines at regular intervals
seem to symbolize that the giraffe
is trapped in the zoo.
The dull colors seem to express
the giraffe's heart and
the atmosphere around her.
It makes you think about
zoo animals and their freedom.
It’s presented by @samaneh.zndhdl.

haughtily / @Anastelfy
Different Dimensions / @Dr.Gazi

The giraffe staring somewhere.
Its thick lips, hairy horns,
long neck and mottled patterns
add realism.
At various points,
the three-dimensional
effect appears by shade and
it makes us feel as if
we are actually facing a giraffe
in front of us.
The charming appearance keeps
catching our eyes.
It’s presented by @Anastelfy.

The sky is mixed
with many colors creating
a mysterious feeling,
the mountains below it seem to
be dyed with the colors that
the sky creates.
The giraffe on the fallen planet
is similar, but has
a different appearance.
The encounter of two giraffes
living in different dimensions
is expressed in mysterious colors
and beautiful scenery.
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

The new Moon and the Giraffe
/ @niftymee
Sad Giraffe / @AngrullaMF

It is said that wild giraffes
stand and sleep.
The moon rising in the sky creates
a mysterious light and illuminates
the green grasslands,
a giraffe in the evening seems
to be sleeping
with her eyes closed.
The pattern dyed in
a mysterious color,
it seems to be portraying
a giraffe falling into a dream.
It’s presented by @niftymee.

In the field where the wind blows
and the trees shake wildly,
there is a giraffe standing there
that seems to be touching
the sky with its long legs.
Even if she bends her neck,
she can't even touch
the tree down there
and she seems to be dripping
with tears of hunger and sadness.
We look forward to her
being happy with
a tree that fits tall appears
in front of the giraffe
Instead of tears.
It’s presented by @AngrullaMF.

Giraffe Wonderland. / @RobinPAPA
I'm so pretty… / @Branka

Around the giraffe with
a beautiful heart-shaped pattern,
various buildings from stairs
are represented by pink
and blue lines.
From the upside down giraffe
to the reflected building,
there is a mysterious scenery
as if entering a room in a mirror.
The image of the fairy tale land
where the giraffe arrived,
it’s presented by @RobinPAPA.

The body of a giraffe
eating leaves seems
to be full of flowers.
The flowers of various colors
are on the dark hair
make the appearance of
the giraffe even more gorgeous
and beautiful.
This is the unique pattern
with creative giraffe’s
appearance in drawing,
it’s presented by @Branka.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The Second challenge of May,
‘Let’s draw Castle’
is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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