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[Interview] HOF May 2021 @Dr.Gazi

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French painter Paul Signac is widely
known as a painter who organized
and studied neo-impressionism
represented by pointillism.

To draw a pointillist showing a mix-
-ture of colors to the viewers by
using the illusion of vision, he
studied color and optics and focused
enough to study on philosophical
part in his drawing life.

@Dr.Gazi is the artist who was
selected for the Hall of Fame
in May is also showing a new
fantasy world with a lot of effort
and research in her work.

The various points seem to be alive
and breathing in the artist’s work.

They gather together as one to form
various materials or scatter to
decorate them as elements.

Also, it creates various flows
to take a role in making bright
and dark emotions.

Aside from that, various works that
contain abstraction and messages
make us curious about them.

We have to ask how he started draw-
-ing such works and the story they
contain as well.

Now, shall we start the interview
with the artist?

Greetings, artist.
We’re the operation team of PENUP.

Congratulations on being selected
for the Hall of Fame in May.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and comment on the selection.

A1. @Dr.Gazi
I am Dr. Gazi Afsana Yasmin from
Bangladesh professionally as a
Physician always curious to explore
the various brunches of mysterious
human mind.

Variety of perspectives which
differs drastically from person
to person illuminate the realm of
creativity and excites the dream-
-scape of artwork.

Untold stories, untouched dreams
from the different people accentu-
-ated in my sketches & i try to
render the essence of emotions with
the pinch of colours from my dream-
-world thus accomplish my work.

Artwork is a very powerful media
which can communicate throughout
the world and even time.

As proffessionally I came across
a lot of grims & sorrows, so I'm
trying to depict the beauty of human
nature, soul, Kindness, love, social
anomalies thus spreading the rays of
hapiness among my viewers.

Being selected as HOF is a dream
comes true. It's the prestigious
club of those brilliant artists
who are the icons of many & their
inventions make them invincible.

Thank you PENUP for selecting me as
May,2021 HOF artist. Since beginning
I always get supported & encouraged
by PENUP officials.Now this presti-
-gious title HOF is the crown jewel
among my achievements & a big leap
for me cause I'm still learning &
exploring on my artistic venture.

Please accept my humble Thanks &
gratitude to PENUP operation team
to recognize my efforts.

Your first work was uploaded in
September 2019. Since then, you have
been constantly uploading works.

How did you come to know PENUP and
how did you post your work?

A2. @Dr.Gazi
I am using Samsung Galaxy Note since
2012, but unfortunately i never got
to know about PENUP until September

I was passionate about drawing
since childhood but never got
an opportunity to learn.
Getting busy in study to catch the
dream being a doctor, my another
dream being an artist seems to be
slipped away from my hand.

Then, in 2019 my husband who is an
Ophthalmologist suggested me to try

At first i thought it's a coloring
app but later i figured out it's the
place where my dreams can fly.

Since then i'm working on my dreams,
drawing & uploding them to share
with my PENPLEs. Now PENUP has
become part & parcel of my life
& I'm now Penupoholic. ;))

You were drawing a lot of beautiful
works that seemed to represent
a part of the world in your dreams.

We're curious about the devices and
apps are used to make these works.

A3. @Dr.Gazi
Dreams are my secret realm where I
can add colours or change the compo-
-sition according to my mood.

Drawing my dreams & imagination
helps me to get rid of monotony
& mental blockages.

I started sketching with my Galaxy
Note 9 & currently on my Galaxy Note
20 ultra. Thanks to Samsung for such
revolutionary inventions of digital
tools which i can use always on the
go & rely on it.

Mostly I use Artrage & alternatively
used PENUP app as well as Autodesk
sketchbook to draw my Art works.

Works that seemed to be drawn with
dots attracted attention.

I am curious about what made you
express this and what kind of
expression you intend to express.

A4. @Dr.Gazi
I always have admired the works of
Vincent Van Gogh. So, i decided to
recreate "Starry Night Over The
Rhône" as a tribute to him.

While on the process of making, I
came to know about impasto techni-
-que pointillism & neoimpressionism.

Then i have gone through the works
of Vincent Van Gogh, George Seurat &
Paul Signac in detail. Diverse
expression of colours just moved me.

In the Holy Kaaba, the dot works
depicts the motion force of many
people together on their faith
& creates a harmony.

On the other hand, a helpless poor
little girl is standing on the river
bank at dark night where dots sym-
-bolize the spirals of thoughts
flowing in her mind.

Also it depicts the time is moving.
This vary moment is past to next
second. Nothing is constant here.
As I have lost my mother at very
young age my thinking process flows
that way i believe.

We could also see the works with
a unique texture effect.

we are curious to know what kind
of feeling you used to express
this texture.

A5. @Dr.Gazi
I created this realistic sand text-
-ure to draw the attention of my
viewers to convey my message.

The sacrifice & distress of village
woman who is collecting water from
miles distant river to her home, by
bare foot in the harsh sun. Till now
there is scarcity of pure drinking
water in some rural areas.

In another artwork, there is a
couple on the beach enjoying the
view & sharing the joy together
depicts their sacred love bond as
promise made in heaven.

The unique feeling of abstraction
also attracted us.

We wonder what kind of scene it is
and what it means.

A6. @Dr.Gazi
Abstraction is something where my
free flight to the limitless sky
to express my thoughts and ideas
through metaphors or symbols.

My Artworks are synthesized from
people and their behaviours, just
by observing them getting the
inspiration for the materials of
my sketchbook.

The Artwork of an Old Man with books
is a personality portrait where I
tried to depict my respected friend
and advisor Mr. Sarpal ,who won the
HOF last year(One of the best art-
-ists in Penup in my opinion).

Apart from his drawing techniques
his Philosophy about life amazed me,
surprised me & enlightened my way of
thinking. So,i add books to reflect
the wisdom he possess and paint
brush that depicts his artistic

On the other hand the ragging couple
who are unable to stabilize their
strugglings and emotions.

The collision between the wishes and
accomplishment flow in different
directions. So that eventually turns
on the verge of separation.

This turmoil situations are potrayed
here as how to catch the splitted
brain cloud. This dispirited events
happening to our sourroundings
as not fullfilling the wishlist

It drew our attention that you ex-
-pressed a character or change of
color in one work to diversify the
feelings. What is your reason behind
this expression?

A7. @Dr.Gazi
Recently studied about Claude
Monet's works. His perception of
artworks & quotes touched me in a
different way.

"The light constantly changes & that
alters the atmosphere & beauty of
things every minute."

Keeping that quote in my mind I
created the one artwork in two dif-
-ferent light shades.

A bright sunny day renders a feeling
of colorful Joy where gloomy day of
the same scene moves our heart with
the feelings of melancholy, a color-
-ful silence when our dearest one
departed us.

Here the atmosphere, lights, shadows
give subject to their own value.

It seems that your work consumes
much time to be drawn. How long
does it actually take?

Also, we wonder if you have things
in your mind that you want to
express in your further works.

A8. @Dr.Gazi
Well, it's a syntheis of concept,
image, shapes, lines & contrast.

Wrapped with aesthetic sensitivity
in a complex design with utmost eco-
-nomy of technique so that my mess-
-age gets delivered to my viewers.

Each Artwork takes 2 to 3 days on an
average. Beside i always keep notes
of my ideas making a primary sketch.
It's like seedling on the field.
Later I nurture them to it's

Currently working on my next sequel
sketches of my story.

You were actively reposting the
works of many penple and we are
curious about how these activities
affect your work.

A9. @Dr.Gazi
Yes,i actively repost my friends
artworks to support them, to en-
-courage them & let other notice
their amazing works.

I can remember the moment when my
artwork get reposted for first time
by penup artist aka 1LISBONAK.

I felt the appreciation by my heart
that keeps me move further. So, I
always try to encourage my friends
& young artists by reposting them
to chase their dreams.Penup communi-
-ty is like a family to me.I believe
Our working process may be different
but we all share a common goal.

This is the last question.

Please tell us the improvements you
want to see in PENUP and any message
you would like to share with us.

A10. @Dr.Gazi
I like to appreciate pen up official
team to create such a platform where
creative souls can share the art-
-works & find the Peace with joy.

PENUP app is absolutely incredible
for the beginners to the profession-
-als. It's easy to use & recent up-
-dates of adding layers makes it
more comfortable.

I would like to suggest if some
geometric tools are added in PENUP
then it will be more convenient
to draw geometric abstraction or

In conclusion, I wanna thanks again
PENUP operation team to pour out
the essence of my artwork & honoured
my efforts.

Wish you all the very best. :))

How was the interview
with @Dr.Gazi?

The art theories and techniques
studied by Paul Signac influenced
later generations and provided the
decisive reason for the creation of
the beast and cubism.

And he exhibited the works of vari-
-ous painters and tried to make a
contribution to spread them to the

The artist was also promoting her
paintings through unique techniques,
while reposting the work of other
PENPLEs very actively.

Everyone who is reading this inter-
-view, why don’t you introduce the
drawings that you like by reposting
them and think about new ideas for
your new piece of work?

We look forward to the birth of new
inspirations and active communicat-
-ions in PENUP by gathering works.

Thank you.

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