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[Challenge] 2021. May: Let's draw Castle

Castles are buildings that have
a variety of shapes.

It reminds high and thick walls
to prevent intrusion, tall spires
for surveillance from a distance
and also reminds of rooms for
various purposes.

A castle can have a moat full of
water, a door and a bridge or
structures like drawbridges to stop
the enemy.

Also, we can be reminded of royalty
or nobles who live in a castle,
a knight or soldier in solid armor
who guard the place and a fortress-
-like place where weapons such as
cannons and ballistas are installed.

The theme of this challenge is
the 'Castle', a building built for

suwon castle / @usk_keesunge
Old castle's gate / @Freya

A castle is found to form a large
community from a family unit.

At first, it was built as the high
fence around the perimeter then
changed to allow people to watch
or patrol to defend against intru-
-ders As well as in the suppression
of war.

The castle was initially built in
a square shape, But it has been
changed to a circle or polygon shape
which provides better defense by the
combination of military architecture
from various countries.

Chillon Castle / @Jehangir
Elan Donnan Castle at Christmas
/ @TitusCrow

A castle meant a city that a lot of
people live in different countries
And also was used as a word to call
a single building itself.

Particularly for the buildings, it
has been changed from a defense
fortress to a residences or villas
of nobles after the development of
gunpowder and gunfire.

In this process, mysterious legends
related to castles were born duch as
Dracula's story or story of several
royal families.

It would be the time to make a new
story to introduce a story that you
know about castles in your drawing.

Castle Seige / @peberle
Castle / @Anderskohler

The appearance of castles varies
from country to country.

Because the castle was made from
materials that are produced a lot
in the vicinity, there are castles
made of stone, wood, brick, or soil.

Also, due to the different topogra-
-phies, castles are located at
various places such as fields,
mountains, desert, etc. And have
a changed purpose and appearance
by the flow of history.

What kind of landscape comes to mind
when you hear the word castle?

From East to West, from reality to
imagination, draw the shape of the
castle you think of and take on
the challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from May. 16(Sun) to
May. 31(Mon).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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