2021-04-29. AM 09:37
[HOF] May 2021 @Dr.Gazi

Pointillism, a drawing technique to
put dots to draw, it is called as
the essence of optics and chroma-
-ticism which need a long time and

However, it is a technique that can
express solid and realistic appear-
-ances with efficient brightness in
a color and using a color close to
primary color that can show richer
colors by using the illusion effect
of colors.

Therefore, it takes a crucial role
in the birth of cubism and beastim
and affects various fields such as
printer technology, etc.

In the Hall of Fame of May,
@Dr.Gazi, who are showing us
various imaginary worlds with
beautifully dotted works,
was selected.

In the artist’s work,
a collection of dots are creating
beautiful works.

The dots in the work also become
the subject of the work, or made
several elements stand out as
an expression.

Also, it melts throughout the work,
Not only a sense of mystery or a
dreamy feeling, it also melts emo-
-tions such as joy and sadness.

Aside from that, abstract paintings
or the ones contain a message with
various topics make us feel her dif-
-ferent perception to arts.

Droopy by the artists’ feed and meet
the world of fantasy that is created
by dots filling up the whole screen.

Adding to the congratulations, it
would be great to see the titles
and works to feel the stories she
is trying to share and leave a com-
-ment for your imagination by liking
impressive works that you saw.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist as well.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team