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[Challenge] 2021. May: Let's draw Giraffe

What do you think of when you think
of a giraffe?
We can think about them eating
leaves from height by using its long
neck or reaching its face to a far
place to eat their feed.

Short hairy horns and spotty
patterns mixed with brown and yellow
and the tongue with different color
between a side and the other side
and their unique sounds can be re-

The topic in this challenge is
'Giraffe', an animal with a long
neck that lives in Africa.

Giraffe / @snazz
Giraffe couple in love! ❤️
/ @Prashant

The name ‘Giraffe’ had been made by
the ancient Greeks.

Because they thought it was born to
a camel and a leopard so it is said
to have a meaning to look alike the
two animals.

The name ‘Girin’ was originated by
an imaginary animal in the East.

The dragon head with horns, body of
deer, tail of cow and hoof of horse
in imaginary appearance were consi-
dered as an existence as a giraffe.

funny giraffe! / @skylover
Li'l Giraffe / @anthonydavais

Giraffes were known with various
unique characters.

It sleeps 10 minutes to 2 hours
a day while standing and can open
and close its nostrils to block
dust and sand.

It has great eyesight as it can see
its predator 7km apart so herbi-
-vorous animals follow it.

One of the predators is a lion but
it has a very strong leg so the lion
is careful in hunting giraffes or
even giving it up often.

I'm lost / @Grace.Jeong

Giraffe was known as a single
species till lately but a research
found out there are four types of

Each species shows differences in
height and spotty patterns.

However, a research revealed that
the population of giraffes is
reducing and some species are

Through this challenge, draw a
giraffe of your ideas and we hope
you can think about the ways to
protect lots of animals living toge-
-ther with us on the earth.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from May. 1(Sat) to
May. 15(Sat).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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