2021-04-21. AM 02:08
[Notice] Photo drawing with layer

Layer feature is newly added
on PENUP version 3.6.0.

By adding layers, There are changes
in the ways to use photo drawing.
We will introduce a new method of
using photo drawing today.

You can move pictures from gallery
or take a new picture to move to
drawing with photo drawing.
It could’ve been switched ON/OFF
from the icon at the bottom
in previous versions.

But now, you can use this feature
in layers.

Pictures and images that you
select are created in a layer
in version 3.6.0.

Created images can be hidden or
shown by touching the eye icon
in the layer.

If you touch the layer, you can
open a window where you can adjust
the layer.

The transparency of the background
image can be adjusted through this
window, and you can also delete
images within a layer or delete
layers and merge layers as well.

Also, Penup supports a feature to
load additional images to layers
from gallery and camera.
Please enjoy this new feature.

We look forward to newness
in artworks in PENUP by making
your creative imaginations and
layers together.

We’ll do our best to make
an exciting drawing life for
you in the future.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team