2021-04-16. AM 06:33
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.6.0

PENUP has been updated
to version 3.6.0. in 2021.

The 3.6.0 version update took
place on March 31st.

However, after the update,
a problem was found that some
functions did not work properly,
and a patch version was issued,
so the update history has only
been announced.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who
has experienced any inconvenience
after the update.

Today, I would like to introduce
the new changes in version 3.6.0

First. Drawing Tools
have been updated.

PENUP's drawing tools have been
updated to make it easier to select
tools and colors.

Drawing tools now expand the scroll
and place all tools so you can see
all them at a glance.

If you touch the selected tool
again in the expanded tool selection
window, you can adjust the size
and transparency of the tool.

Also, even when the drawing tool
window is folded, if you touch
the tool you are using, you can
change the shape of the tool
without opening it.

The color selection window
allows quick and easy selection.
By changing the shape from the
original circle to the square
and moving the position
to the upper part.

Also, palettes categorized
according to brightness have
also been added to add convenience
in choosing a color.

You can change the palette by
touching the icon that is in
the upper left corner in
the color selection window.

Drawing tools have also been
updated for those who use tablets.

There was an inconvenience
when drawing horizontally.
because the tools were fixed
when using the tablet.

However, starting with version
3.6.0, you can change the location
of tools and color palettes.

When dragging while holding
down a tool or color palette,
it can be changed to a designated
location so you can use the canvas
that minimizes the interference of
the drawing tool and color
selection window.

However, please note that changing
he location is only possible
on tablet devices.

Enjoy a more exciting painting
life by seeing the tools you use
at a glance, choosing the color
you want with the redesigned
drawing tool.

Second. Layer Feature
has been added.

The layer feature that many
PENPLE wanted has been added
in version 3.6.0.

You can open a separate layer
window by activating the button
on the bottom tool and click again
to deactivate.

Up to 12 layers can be added
through the + button on the window
and it also supports layer lock
and visibility ON/OFF feature.

Create a variety of artworks
with a single sketch through layers.

You can add 12 layers only when you
log in and only two layers can be
used for guests.

We hope that even the guests can
sign up and log in by this time
and will have an opportunity
to interact with numerous penple
around the world!

Third, Coloring Book has been added.

PENUP offers over 2,000 coloring
designs for free.

Now you can see these designs
by topic.

Through this update, coloring book
is newly added to coloring.

The coloring book is in a total of
38 categories, and the existing
coloring images have also been
classified into their respective

From the existing to the new images,
You can easily find the image of
the subject you want through
the coloring book.

We hope you can fill in the color
to the found image and add your
own sensibility and have a fun time
creating another work.

In addition, Search feature has
been enhanced and popular tags
can be displayed with several design
changes for convenience.

However, 'Galaxy theme linkage'
feature has been deleted
which was not used much and those
images have been moved to
‘Wallpaper’ category.
Thank you for your understanding.

In the future,
We will work hard to make PENUP
that can convey newness.
We ask for your interest
and affection.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team