2021-04-14. AM 02:59
[Challenge] 2021. April: Let's draw Strawberry

Strawberries are loved as a dessert
as itself as a sweet and refreshing

It can be put on top of cakes with
fresh cream or in a cookie.

It is also eaten with sugar and made
into juice or goes into the milk
and becomes strawberry milk.

Its syrup can make candy or it can
be boiled with sugar on a hot fire
to be eaten as jam.

The topic of this challenge is a
'Strawberry' that catches our eyes
and tongue with its red beauty.

Strawberry Cheese Creepes Cake
/ @rkptn
Strawberry cake❤ / @Kitty11

It is said that there is an
interesting story behind that
a strawberry in the size of
a fingernail became as big
as an egg.

A soldier dispatched to Chile
researched wild strawberries and
came back then he spread his data
and kind to Europe which was how
strawberries we all know were born.

However, he was a spy to watch the
situation in the place and there was
military secrecy from the data about
strawberries he brought.

Strawberry / @jiminlee
strawberry bear / @Chris

Strawberries are said to be
a healthy fruit.

The vitamin content is higher than
that of lemon, and the sugar content
is also less so it helps relieve
cold and stress.

It also has low calories and easily
boosts satiety so it helps us be
on a diet.

Compared to the good effect, the
preservation period is not long, but
you can eat it for a long long time
if you freeze it in the freezer.
It would be nice to take care of
your health through strawberries.

리퀘 for strawberry / @azu
Strawberry Dream / @TanzyMary

Strawberry resembles a heart shape
and it is widely used as a symbol of
love and happiness.

Aside from that, it symbolizes
mercy, humility, fertility
and abundance because it grows
on the floor with vines.

Therefore, it is also a symbolic
plant of the Virgin Mary, a fruit
that is offered to the goddess
often appear in paintings to be
called the fruit of paradise.

What shape of strawberry do you
think of?

From the appearance of strawberries
to enjoy as they are, to desserts
that you enjoy or imagine, challenge
yourself by drawing a variety of
artworks with them.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from April. 16(Fri) to
April. 30(Fri).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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