2021-03-30. AM 05:26
[HOF] April 2021 @James_Maynard

We face someone's imagination
through various media.

Movies, animations, cartoons
and paintings by painters, the world
created by the inspiration of many
people stimulates imagination,
and also creates other stories.

The artist is presenting a unique
fantasy world with his imaginations.
@James_Maynard is selected for the
Hall of Fame in April.

His works are made of reality
and fantasy in exquisite harmony.

The work that started from the real
landscape with an addition of the
artist’s own imagination, it is
creating a fantasy world in
a painting full of mysterious
and dreamy feelings.

These works makes us the pleasure
to find the combined elements of
fantasy and elements of reality
and gives us new inspirations.

In addition to objects
and scenery, The works containing
the his surroundings are also
attracting attention.

Works painted in soft colors contain
a different sensibility from
the world in the imagination as they
are making it more fun.

Now drop by the artist’s feed
and face the artist's imagination.

Appreciating the artist's works
one by one with congratulations.
It would be nice to like them
and write your own thoughts
in the comments.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team