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[Challenge] 2021. April : Let's draw Stairs

Stairs exist in various places.

It serves as a way to enter
and exit the house, it also serves
as a pathway to the top of the hill
or underground.

You can also see it in transporta-
-tion such as buses and trains.
It also serves as an emergency route
in an emergency.

It is also a place to appreciate the
scenery inside and outside the old
building. It also serves as a short-
-cut to the way back.

The topic of this challenge is the
structure that connects the low and
high places,‘stairs’.

lost ancient unknown civilisation
/ @ucru
The Dreaded Basement / @Blu-J

When natural phenomena were regarded

as the power of God, People built
temples and shrines in a place close
to the sky where God lives.

The stairs were also made essenti-
-ally and they said these stairs in
such places were built to make it
difficult to climb.

Of course, the place itself affects
but to make it realize wishing to
goods is not easy so the stairs had
tendency to be more stiff than the
common ones.

stairs to penthouse / @Limithakpal
계단 / @save_eunjeong

Climbing stairs is said to be a very
good exercise.

it is a place where you can exercise
regardless of the weather or the out-
-side environment.

Burns more calories than walking.
It is said that it helps to train
muscles and reduce body fat.

However, going down puts a strain
on the joints. Perhaps, you want
to avoid it.

이화동을 추억하다 / @color.park
계단에 앉아 / @silver77

There is a saying from Turkey that
you have to step on the stairs to
climb up.

It's hard to climb, but climbing the
stairs so you can reach your desti-
-nation, it means that if there is
something you want, you have to act.

What about putting things you
couldn't accomplish into action this
April by recalling the New Year's
resolution again?

Drawing the appearance of the
stairs, it would be nice to try
new challenges as if going to
the next floor.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from April. 1(Thu) to
April. 15(Thu).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

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