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[Review] Challenge of March (1)

‘Pink’, a colorful and beautiful
messenger of spring, was the topic
of this challenge.

We’re introducing the winners of
this challenge via videos.

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please check the link below.
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the First challenge of March

Works including pink in challenge
feed had creatures or objects in
same color or new interpretation on
color as an exciting moment.

We appreciate all who participated
in the challenge with great works.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Cat Cloud ねこぐも / @azu
with the spring breeze flying
/ @Dexter

A black cat is staring at the sky at
the black road with the ocean seen
at the back. The pink cloud looking
like a cat seems to be smiling we
can feel. Perhaps, it is the smile
for the cat who is looking at her.
It’s presented by @azu.

Between the pink sky and thick fog,
The cherry blossoms seem to signal
the beginning of spring with their
petals fluttering. Cherry blossoms
falling in the wind are a landscape
that can only be seen in spring. It
makes us excited to see the upcoming
spring. It’s presented by @Dexter.

코스모스 / @min
Pink / @yeonju

The boy looked at the full bloomed
cosmos. his face is turned in pink.
The red heart mark around the face
shows the red flush on the boy's
face. It seems to say that he fell
in love with the blooming cosmos.
It’s presented by @min.

From clouds, bright dresses, cozy
pajamas, and other things, the
evening scenery of an apartment full
of pink has everything in pink.
Although they are similar colors but
different emotions, so it feels like
finding a hidden picture. How does
the pink color you found feel?
It’s presented by @yeonju.

WITH @SARPAL) / @Dr.Gazi
S e l f i e / @z3dmax

At the end of the ladder which seems
to be following a cloud, there is
a sparkling moon and stars, In the
middle, a woman with long hair seems
to be floating in the clouds.
The dreamlike landscape that seems
to have transferred someone’s dream,
it’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

The tree that grew in the shape of
a heart scatters petals along the
wind creates a fanatics landscape
with the sparkling light, the two
people sitting side by side on the
cliff are in the best position to
take pictures while enjoying this
scenery. It’s presented by @z3dmax.

Pink / @shahir
Pinky / @shadowboxing

A flamingo is sleeping in the blue
lake where the pink grass and trees
grow, the contrasting colors and
rough lines seem to be expressing
the mysterious appearance of nature.
Flamingo, a pink-colored bird,
is presented by @shahir.

A pink cloud rises above the pink
hat, and hair that seems to be
blowing in the wind is shining like
a light. The background that seems
to intersect with rough lines and
scattered paints, coolness and
warmth seem to show her feelings for
the object she looked. It recalled
a scene from novel, It’s presented
by @shadow boxing.

Pink / @Darby
(Untitled) / @Yousif_Aqeel

A man with pink hair and a black
shirt full of pink flowers is
sending a strong gaze. The blue aura
around him speaks of his feelings.
we wonder what will be at the end
of his sharp gaze. It’s presented
by @Darby.

We can imagine the taste of a candy
through its color. White and pink
candies stacked in transparent pla-
-stic is no exception, we can
imagine different tastes as to what
kind of sweet taste it will be. We
wonder if the taste is different
from our imagination by looking at
the light in the dark background.
It’s presented by @Yousif_Aqeel.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The Second challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw Cloud’
is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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