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[Interview] HOF March 2021 @rimbo875

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American painter, Henry Patrick
Raleigh, worked for a company
that imports coffee from the age of
12 to support his family.

He enjoyed sharing the stories heard
from the sailors he met there from
all over the world by transferring
them into drawings.

In this process,
he had climbed to the place as
an artist who led to the golden
age of illustration after he was
sponsored by professional training
with the recognition of others.

the artist who was selected in
the March Hall of Fame, is showing
us his work on the observation
in daily life around himself.

The artist's feed is full of beauty
created by lines and colors.
The scenery or objects seen from
the surroundings are expressed
through lines, and they reveal
its clarity through color.

Also, through expressions of objects
such as flowers or animals, you can
also find the artist’s observation
on the surroundings.

How did the artist get to start
such work? I think we should
find out through an interview
with the artist.

Then, let us start an interview
with the artist.

Hello, artist.
We are the PENUP operation team.

First of all,
congratulations on being selected
in the March Hall of Fame.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and comment on the selection.

A1. @rimbo875
I am a mother with two children,
and I am drawing as if I was
recording everyday stories.

And while I joined the challenge,
I also drew and uploaded another
drawing but I was very surprised and
happy that with this selection and
lots of likes that I never expected.

Your first work was posted
in May 2019.

Since then, you have been uploading
works steadily. We are curious about
how you came to know PENUP and start
uploading your work.

A2. @rimbo875
When I changed my phone to Galaxy
Note 10, I saw PENUP and started
drawing by using the drawing tool
on my phone.

The important thing was that the
two children were still young,
so I needed to be able to draw
anywhere even for a moment.

And before this time, I mainly drew
pen drawings in my drawing notebook,
but it's nice to be able to use
expressions of various materials
in the tool.

There were many works with very
impressive lines and colors.
We are curious to see which
devices and apps are used
to make these works.

A3. @rimbo875
I only draw with PENUP basic tools.
At first, I used many calligraphy
brushes and watercolor brushes
that feel like a pen, but nowadays
I tend to express colors with an
oil painting brush and finish the
shape with pastels and tilts with
calligraphy brushes and pencils.

Different tools are used evenly
depending on the material of
the picture. Using a variety of
tools overlaps and creates
different effects.

From the surroundings,
to the scenery of nature, birds
and flowers, various materials were
included in your works.

We are curious about your favorite
materials in the works.

A4. @rimbo875
At first, my goal was to draw
something I liked. So, at first,
I drew a lot of birds ^^ Then I
started drawing my favorite cats
and flowers. Things that belong
to nature always approach as new.

Seasonal or day-and-night matches
show a different atmosphere
depending on the light. It is good
to be a part or a large view.

Looking at various works,
we thought that your works contain
the images we found from the
surroundings while passing by.

We are curious if they're actual
places or imaginary scenes.

A5. @rimbo875
I usually feel comfortable
drawing the scenes I see.

If I like something while walking,
I make sure to take a picture.

Sometimes I stand and draw on
the playground where I go to play
with my children. I also draw
while looking at the scenery from
he places during my trip. Sometimes
I search and draw an image I like.

Birds and flowers seemed to appear
frequently in the works.

We are curious about the
attractiveness of these materials.
We are also curious about the reason
for drawing.

A6. @rimbo875
At first, it was vague what to draw.
So, I decided to draw birds that
I have liked since childhood.

I am attracted to the little things.
Birds are life with a variety of
colors in their bodies for real.

The wings, beaks, and the body are
made up of strange colors that make
you admire the skill of nature when
you draw them together.

Flowers are similar. It was
nice that the shape and color of
each flower were so varied
and he difference in atmosphere
when they bloom.

We can see the works with tea,
There were also many works
that felt like they were drawn
during teatime.

We are curious about the reason
how you started drawing these scenes
and when you usually draw.

A7. @rimbo875
Everything I draw is my favorite.^^

I like the time to read books,
drink tea and coffee, and eat
delicious snacks.

Sometimes I sat in a cafe where
I went with my friends, and I took
pictures of that time, and later,
I recalled the times and drew them.

For me, painting is also a tool
for recording my daily life.
Of course, I take pictures, but
hand-drawn pictures can be very
different memories.

I keep the scene in my memories
with the colors only visible to my
eyes in the scene. So I draw my
daily life with interesting moments
or draw those scenes by finding
images to keep myself consistent.

Looking at various places, it seems
like you will travel a lot. We
wonder if you actually travel a lot.
Also, if you have any memorable
places among the places you left
in your work, please tell us.

A8. @rimbo875
From my favorite movie, there is
a scene that the one always takes
a picture at the same place but
there was no same picture for the
entire year by people passing by
and what season it was.

WIthout traveling to a new place,
it always looks different even
when I walk on the same street
with my child. My walk yesterday is
different from today.

The two drawings above, I remember
that I drew the first one because
I loved the color of fall in the
trees by the library I often visit
and the second one because the
fallen leaves laid on the street
were so beautiful on my way back
home with my kid.

he place where I live now is
the most valuable place for me.

The appearance of various animals,
including cats, also attracted our
attention. We are curious about how
you got to draw these animals.

Also, we wonder if there are other
topics that you would like to
challenge in the future.

A9. @rimbo875
When I first uploaded to PENUP, it
was just fun to draw the little
things I like. So, when I looked for
images on the internet, what caught
my eye was animal pictures.

When I see and draw cute animals,
I feel better by itself. I learned
calligraphy a while ago, and it
was fun to draw text and pictures

I want to do more of what I used to
do with paper and paint with PENUP.

This is the last question.

Please tell us the improvements you
want to see in PENUP and any message
you would like to share with us.

A10. @rimbo875
People from various countries leave
comments or penbooks, but I remember
it was convenient because there was
a translation service on Instagram.

It would be nice if it could have
a simple translation. And for the
tools, I just thought about what
if the size was adjustable.

I drew it with a pen, but it was
small or disappointing when I wanted
to move it to the corner. Lastly,
I would like to say that I am happy
and thankful that there are many
people who have sympathized with
the small drawings that contain
my own view.

How was the interview
with @rimbo875?

Henry Patrick Raleigh travels
through exotic landscapes to remind
himself to balance his life and
develop his passion for
illustrations through the journey.

The artist have different
landscapes and materials from
various places in drawing and is
delivering her own world with
drawing and completing it.

Penple who are reading this now,
Why don’t you try to see new places
in your eyes?

It will be great to find the
landscapes you want to convert
into drawing,draw them and have
your passion for new drawings
and emotions you want to express.

We hope PENUP will be full of
passions by your works.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team