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[Challenge] 2021. March: Let's draw Cloud

Clouds deliver information by color.

White means sunny weather, gray or
blue is said to be a sign of rain.

Red, scarlet and pink tell the time
of sunrise and sunset, and the pale
green color predicts heavy rain,
hail, and strong winds.

In addition, the rare yellow clouds
indicate that there was smoke
in the surroundings.

The second challenge topic for March
is ‘Cloud’, the shape created by the
water circulating around the earth.

cloud / @usk_keesunge
Cloud Study /@cici

Clouds have a variety of shapes.

From seasons, places, heights to the
shapes reminding sheeps or feathers
of birds, it makes various shapes
such as shells, barnacles
and rough waves.

Besides, Morning Glory in the shape
of a roll cake, noctilucent clouds
that emit various lights in the
middle of the night, contrails
created by airplanes and donut-
shaped hole punch clouds
with unique shapes also exist.

the cloud / @hosio
Sunshine / @Shine

Clouds don't just exist on Earth.

Venus' cloud consists of sulfuric
acid, Mars is said to have a high
and thin cloud of ice.

Jupiter and Saturn are clouds of
ammonia, Uranus and Neptune have
methane as the main component.

The color of the cloud itself
becomes the color of the planet,
It also makes white stripes.

Cloud / @JieLu
this is how I daydream / @SPR

It is said that among the clouds
there are rainbow-colored clouds.

From the size of the water droplets
to the location of the sunlight,
clouds are created only when several
conditions are met.

It's hard to see it once in
a lifetime, so from the past
to the present, It is believed
to be a sign of good things
happening around the world.

What kind of cloud are you
thinking of now?

From the mysterious clouds you saw
in person, to the clouds in your
imagination, put the clouds in the
picture and take on the challenge.

We look forward to bringing you
full of happiness with the
iridescent clouds made of
everyone’s work.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from March. 16(Tue) to
March. 31(Wed).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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