[HOF] MARCH 2021 @RIMBO875

2021-02-25. AM 02:54
[HOF] March 2021 @rimbo875

Sketching and drawing
are basic, however,
Because you can quickly transfer
your inspiration into painting.
So many painters enjoy using
this drawing technique.

In the work completed
with sketches or drawings,
Worries or inspirations
the painter had
and it also the passage
of time are contained
which is why they are said
to have value as a record.

In the Hall of Fame of March,
@rimbo875 was selected
who seems to be drawing
his own story through sketches
and drawings.

The works in the artist’s feed
have the scenery of nature that
you can often encounter around
or everyday life as main materials
within the warm sensibility
of his own.

Warm colors are added to the sketch
and it makes you feel cozy
and you can feel comfortable
while appreciating the work.

By looking at creatively
expressed works of the artist
with commonly found flowers,
birds and animals that
anyone can see them once
while walking on the road,

The same materials
can be produced in different
works by the viewer
which is a fun part of drawings
reminded once more.

Now stop by the artist’s feed
and look at the artist’s sketches,
and find the joy of observing
your surroundings and
discovering your own emotions!

In addition, stop by the Penbook
to celebrate greetings and works
and don't forget to 'like' them.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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