2015-06-01. AM 02:51
  • Hello. PEN.ples^^

    June 5th is the World Environment Day, which has been established to increase people’s awareness on the importance of environment.

    Just by hearing news on the large scaled natural disasters and extreme weather around the globe, you will know how important it is to protect the nature.

    In addition, there are so many animals at risk of extinction due to people. We need to remember them and protect them.

    In this context, PEN.UP has made an opportunity where we can think about the animals at the risk of extinction, hoping for an advent of the world where people, nature and animals can all co-exist.

    The challenge for June is “Drawings of Endangered Animals”!

    Wouldn’t we create an opportunity for all to be aware and think about the animals if we were to draw them?

    There are animals who are at the risk of extinction due to melting iceberg as a result of global warming, indiscrete seizures and loss of homes like forests and jungles as a result of land development.
    Many of the PEN.PLEs have already drawn some of the pity animals at the risk of extinction.
  • In addition, Samsung Electronics, in a bid to increase people’s awareness and induce their interest on the animals, has launched animal battery pack through collaboration with SungsilHwarang.
    Portability is the most important element in a portable battery.
    So, the portable batteries with attention attracting animal designs anytime, anywhere, have become popular.
  • Aside from Lesser Panda and Fennec Fox, RhinopithecusRoxellana and Giant Pandas are designed in a very cute manner with vivid colors.
    So, PEN.UP team will offer these battery packs to 10 users that take part in this June challenge.

    You will be more likely to receive this present if you fulfill qualifications below.

    1. You don’t need to draw really well to be selected.
    2. Submitted the highest number of drawings or have made a drawing of a very special animal.
    3. Unveiled the outline sketch so that other users can remix the drawing.
    4. Received the most reaction or delivered the event news to other friends
    5. Don't forget to add the animal's name.

    ※ The pictures of the animals other than endangered ones may be excluded from the challenge menu.

    We hope that this challenge will provide you a chance to get to know how many endangered animals are out there, how important they are to the nature and how sad it is to lose them.
    All these will hopefully be represented to your full-hearted drawings of originality.

    Also, we sincerely wish that the June challenge, “Drawings of Endangered Animals” will be valuable enough for you to reconsider the importance of nature.